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    Ok, I was curious about getting J2ME and MIDP 2.0 installed on my Sprint PCS Treo 600.

    - I'd visited and saw the speed of the Treo 600 (it was one of the final reasons I went with the Treo).

    - I registered with PalmOne, and downloaded the J2ME beta as well as the Jar and Jad files from

    - I ran jartoprc.exe and converted the files to jbenchmark.prc

    - I also made sure I was online, as the process requires a live web link


    I can't seem to get the jbenchmark.prc file to run. I installed the demo file (a simple game) that comes with the J2ME runtime (solitaire.prc) and this file runs whenever I try to run jbenchmark.

    Any ideas on what might be happening here?

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    "I see dead pixels..."
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    Anyone want to share their experiences with J2ME on Treo 600?
    "I see dead pixels..."

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