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    My Treo 600 came with Handspring Mail ver 1.0 but I have not been able to synch it via Pocket Mirror (using ver 3.16) since it doesn't synch email. I tried Intelsync but that didn't work. Also tried Palm Desktop 4.1 (came w/Treo) & that didn't work. My previous old Palm 3C software synched everything & now I have this super Treo 600 that does offers so much except a way to make it so much more usable by allowing email synching between my laptop when I travel, or with my desktop. Has anyone found a way to solve this puzzle?
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    The old Palm Mail application used to synch with Outlook on the desktop for offline email use but that is somewhat old technology or something that reflects the formerly unwired status of palm pilots. Treo 600 does not have any built-in email synchronization as it assumes you will use POP3 mail with their Mail app or use another application such as Visto MessagExpress, Sprint Business Connection etc.

    You can get the functionality you seek with PalmOne VersaMail or I believe with Eudora Mail if you also install the Eudora conduit.
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    So you are saying I should replace the Handspring Mail, that came on my Treo 600, with Versamail? And that this Versamail will sync with my outlook email?

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