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    I just got a Treo 600 (GSM) for Christmas and I have to confess I'm pretty clueless about some of the features. I'm learning slowly though....

    Here are a few questions I have so far (BTW, I'm on Cingular):

    1. If I use the dial up access to check my email (in order to save my GPRS data bytes), it automatically disconnects after it checks the account I have it set to. Is this normal or can you get it to stay online to check another account? A related question is if I'm connected and viewing the net through the browser and I want to check my email, I see that it doesn't initiate a new call but it disconnects me when its done checking the if I want to go back to browsing, I have to initiate a new call....(sigh). Is this avoidable?

    2. What is the best Calendar program to use on the 600? I was a Clie' user and so I had Datebook 5 with all the cool Icons and loved it. When I converted my data to the 600, I lost most of my icons because they were high Datebook 5 still the best? Are there Icons I can download that work with the Treo?

    3. The camera seems extremely poor for anything over 5 feet and in poor that normal or do I have a defective unit? I can't even get a remotely focused picture.
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    Oh...and I have to initiate a new call when I get an email with an attachment...

    Is there a way to get prompted to download the attachment before disconnecting?!?
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    1. Many of us use SNAPPERMAIL on our Treo 600's and it works great with multiple account and attachment support. I would suggest getting it. BTW, what do you mean "dial-up" access? Are you talking about your home pc accessing your email? Can't help you there, sorry. However, the Treo will connect, get the data, then disconnect, which is normal. There is a program that will help it stay connected to the network but I never find more than a few seconds delay and it never bothers me.

    2. Datebook is cool. Download the demo and try it out yourself.

    3. Yes the camera sucks compared to others out there but I get pretty decent pictures in normal and outside light. We are all hoping for a software update for this. Everyone here seem to have inconsistant experiences with picture quality....Hey, theres always the Treo 700, right????
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    For "dial up" I meant using WAP instead of GPRS and dialing into My Wireless Window.

    It uses airtime instead of using GPRS kb.
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    Most of us prefer to have our email client (I like Snapper Mail the best) to disconnect after it downloads our messages, since it preserves battery life.

    Datebk 5 is still the best. All you have to do is use the low-res icons! I miss my high res screen, but I've been surprised at how quickly I got used to the low res screen. It's certainly worth it as a tradeoff to me for all the other functionality I get with the 600.

    Of course, the nanosecond they release the high res Treo, I'll buy it.

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