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    I've downloaded serveral, but all seems to be for example, "eng-french" etc.

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    I use Bdicty and have bought it twice, once for my old PPC and again for the Treo Palm.
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    Noah Pro is what I am using. It is good and has a 122,000 word database.

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    I tried a ton of them, and I personally think the best by far is PocketLingo 2.0.

    The college version sports like (I think) 260,000 words (American Heritage College Dictionary) with pronunciation keys, etymologies, notes, and usage samples.

    It is solid (OS 5 Treo 600 friendly) and super FAST! You can put the dictionaries (it supports multiples) on an SD card and save RAM. You can get the thesaurus in a combo deal with the dictionary, I think.

    Plus, the user interface is SLICK; it looks professional and clean.

    The one thing that it is weak on is the "English to blah blah.." or "Blah blah to English" or "Blah blah to blah blah" modules. I don't think they have made many, if any. So if you are looking for a bunch of translation-type dicitonaries being offered, you may want to look at something else.

    Anyways, I think it is a really solid product.
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    Noah Lite is free.
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    I've been pretty satisfied with MSDict, available on Handango
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    There is a pretty good review of some dictionaries at It doesn't mention all the dictionaries previously mentioned on this thread, but it should help.

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    You can also use a free online dictionary like this one:

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    I'm using Oxford and I love it. It's a Dict. & Thes. with a great looking interface. Oxford
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    Bunches. Like another user, I also have PocketLingo 2.0 dictionary and it's companion thesaurus, Roget's II. They are excellent programs. I also purchased Palm Reader Pro and with it is a free dictionary, Vest Pocket Dictionary. I also looked at six others before buying PocketLingo and decided on it as being the best for my needs.


    Originally posted by godfather
    I've downloaded serveral, but all seems to be for example, "eng-french" etc.


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