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    Its soo crazy. When people see me use this thing, they have that look on their faces like, "Wow, what the hell is that and where did he get this thing!!!!!". That alone right there is worth the price of the Treo, its amazing the reaction you get. and trust, its def a chick magnet ,

    tell me yall stories.
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    One of my coworkers gives me a quickie shoulder rub every morning. Now he is worried about being replaced by my phone because "is there anything it CAN'T do???".
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    Best exclamation: As I demonstrated web browsing on my Sprint Treo 600: "Dang! That's faster than my DSL at home!"

    Best reaction: The two colleagues who have one on order now ...

    No product or carrier is perfect, but I have been just tickled with my Treo, and that shows.


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    Isn't that sexual harrassment?
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