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    Hey folks,

    Ok, I thought and thought, and I finally just decided that I cannot decide between the GSM and CDMA versions of the T600 without trying both.

    I have purchased one of each, and the goal is to buy a month of service from both Sprint and Tmobile and try them out. When I'm done, I'll do my best to post an unbiased review between the two :-)

    Anyone here know if Tmo or Sprint will sell me one month of service? I think Sprint will do a month-to-month contract, so I could just cancel after one month. Tmo said I'd have to sign a contract and then cancel it within 14 days. I very much dislike that idea... anyone here have experience to the contrary?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know about Tmo, but you're correct that you can go month-to-month with Sprint. However, Sprint will charge you an extra $10/month on top of your base plan if you do not sign a contract....
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