I purcahsed a camera case for my new Cannon PowerShot S50 from www.ElectricSam.com. The case I received was made by "Digital Concepts" and by chance included a front zipper pouch that at first I wondered why it was there and wished it wasn't.

Then I realized the extra pouch was the perfect size for my T600 (the antenna sticks out the top of the pouch but the zippers close up to it).

I have been on vacation for the past two weeks and have found it to be the perfect compact combo case!

Product Code: ESKDCC2
Description: Digital Concepts Digital Camera Bag Medium
Price: $19.99


By the way, mine is a little different from the one pictured. I'm guessing they updated the design. Mine has a zipper around the top of the camera section and dual zipper around the front "accessory" pouch where I keep my T600. My accessory pouch also seems a bit deeper than the one pictured - my T600 fits just comfortably there. (Then again, I guess I could have an old design too - so you might want to check before buying...)