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    I downloaded Kinoma Producer ... but any idea how to convert DVD to the Kinoma format?

    Do we need to first convert them to AVI? What is the best way to do that?

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    This is how I do it and it works great wth KINOMA PRODUCER 2 not 1.

    First rip DVD files using DVDXCOPY Express or something.

    Next use DVD2AVI to split the DVD files and make a .dv2 and a .wav file. (Select decode to .wav under AUDIO and Choose "save project", not save .AVI)

    Now use TMPGENC to make your .MPG file. Use the VIDEOCD option and use FULL SCREEN for regular movies and try "NO MARGIN" for widescreen.

    Now run KINOMA Producer on the .mpg and upload it to a card and your ready.

    I went into more detail in a post on the KINOMA support forums. Good liuck.

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    how long does the whole process take? From ripping to pressing play in kinoma?

    how small is a 90 minute movie?
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    wow that's awesome! how is the quality? the sound? detail, etc. then do you have to put it ona a card or just hotsync it? how much memory does it take up?
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    have to hand it to you... that IS pretty awesome.

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