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    I've noticed this a few times now. I'll unlock the Treo and hit the phone button.

    The screen is blank execpt for the time at the top and the signal meter. No buttons.

    Hitting another button (cal, mail etc..) or the app button then returning to the phone app via the hardbutton makes the buttons come back.

    Anyone else seen this? Any cues as why?

    Sean Dotson, PE
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    No one else has seen this?
  3. sda
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    Yes, my screen has gone blank on occasion, though I have not been able to accurately define the timing or sequence of key strokes that causes it to occur.
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    It happened to me a few days ago and I was sure the unit locked up on me because none of the buttons would do anything but in the time I pulled out the stylus and unscrewed the reset tool, it unlocked itself.

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