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    PREDICTION: A smart phone with solid software will come out. If Apple comes up with the iPhone, that will have the software and appeal to bury all other smartphones. The 650 is "always ablout to crash" and is shipped with "the weak software". One needs datebk5 but it comes with non linking calendar, snappermail but it comes with versamail, has no powerrun built in, etc.

    You can make sure the iPhone will do everything right. And for us smart phone users that will be important.
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    "However, the 320x320 screen would definitely hit the battery hard."

    It isn't resolution that eats battery life, it's the backlighting. An increase in resolution would have very little cost in power consumption.

    While we're dreaming about what we'd like to see, I'd like to see not only better resolution, but a change in the display to OLED or transflective. This would enhance viewing outdoors and would cut power consumption.

    While we're dreaming, maybe we should rethink the entire form factor.
    WinCE devices have enviably larger displays.
    I'd like to see the Treo go on a diet and get a longer display and have a retractable, slide-open or flip-open keyboard. With this, one could choose to view the larger display in Portrait or Landscape mode. I'm thinking that it would be better for viewing 16X9 format videos and full width web browsing (IMHO a square screen does not cut it) . Also with a wide screen, I think the Crackberry's scrolling wheel on the side would be an improvement over the Treo's two buttons.
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