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    I personally like the T600 alot. I think in 2004 we will see: an updated camera, voice recorder (I actually use it to leave a message as to where I parked at the airport), Blackberry functionality (so I can get rid of the Blackberry) and BT for wireless headset capability. I think the form factor is great and that would cause major $$ to revise.
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    ive heard ibm is researching fuelcell batteries as alternatives to the current batteries used today to fuel handhelds, cellphones, etc.

    i am sure we are a long way off from seeing such a battery incorporated into a palmone smartphone, especially at the cost of putting one of these batteries inside would amount to when first produced on the market. (sorry about the run - on there)

    but when or if this type of battery is placed inside, you might be able to get 6-7 hours of battery life from a phone with a 400 mhz processor and a 320x320 res screen built in together.

    groundbreaking? absolutely. when they produce a battery which can provide significant amounts of power at a cheap price, we will see incredibly advanced smartphones released which might actually be affordable to the general public, rather than to corporations or privileged, early adopters.
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    NE Asia Online is reporting that Toshiba has developed a hard-disk drive that measures 0.85 of an inch in diameter, small enough to be used in mobile phones. The 2-3GB drive can store up to two hours of high-definition video and just under 60 hours of music. Toshiba aims to start shipping samples to makers of cellular phones in summer 2004 and begin full-fledged production in early 2005.

    Full Story.. from

    with the treo market increasing, more revenue available, these are the kinds of tech that will skyrocket the possibilities inside a treo smartphone.

    great things to come!!!!
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    i know im getting a little carried away with whats a long way off here. this thread`s gist is based on what`s immediately to come down palmone`s pipeline this year.

    i couldnt resist including what the latest wireless r & d have in store for us though. if nothing else other than pipe dreams, the above posts are food for thought in what`s to come.
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    Sony Developing Clie with OLED Screen
    Submitted by Steve Bush
    December 31, 2003 05:59 AM

    Sony is going to release in a few months a Clie that will be the first handheld to include an OLED screen.

    OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays take advantage of the fact that some organic compounds glow when an electrical current is applied to them. They tend to be smaller, lighter, and have more vivid colors than current LCDs.


    another technology that could be incorporated,, but again,, not without a steep price....
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    Originally posted by treosensei
    Sony Developing Clie with OLED Screen
    Submitted by Steve Bush
    December 31, 2003 05:59 AM

    Sony is going to release in a few months a Clie that will be the first handheld to include an OLED screen.
    I thought OLEDs were cheaper to manufacture once they kind of perfect it. If nothing else they would allow for a cheaper battery because they are more energy efficient.

    Anyway, here's hoping that having a smaller screen pays dividends. They should be easier to manufacture.
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    Nanosys applications development platform is based on three fundamental core technologies:

    1) Rational design and fabrication of high-quality inorganic semiconductor nanostructures,
    2) Flexible assembly of high-performance nanostructures into devices, and
    3) Precise engineering of ‘quantum’ properties.

    By developing these three core technologies, Nanosys develops nanotechnology-enabled systems addressing a wide range of applications.

    Rational design and fabrication of high-quality inorganic semiconductor nanostructures

    Nanosys technology allows our engineers to synthesize inorganic semiconductor nanostructures that fall into three major categories: nanodots, nanorods and nanowires. In addition, these same processes are capable of producing more complex shapes, such as cones, teardrops and tetrapods. Using our proprietary computer modeling and synthetic methods, we can rationally design inorganic semiconductor nanostructures with desired composition, size, shape, crystal structure, doping and surface chemistry characteristics, and successfully fabricate these materials every time. This allows us to build new functioning inorganic semiconductor nanostructures with very short development time, making this class of nanomaterials the only one with a completely rational fabrication cycle: from design to synthesis to modeling and back to design

    again, we are WAY off from seeing any of this incorporated by palmone, but these are some very exciting possiblities for building a very advanced device.
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    I've skimmed the above posts and would like to add a few things:

    I think the treo 600 will be sold w/ few modifications for the next 2-3 years becoming the cheap smartphone of choice . . . the one's the carrier's subsidize and try to attact new customer's w/, much like the $150 camera phones now. Thus PLMO wi' receive continued revenue from this device w/o any more R & D $ going into it. The Treo 600 will be a major victory for PLMO looking back on 2006.

    New high end treo's will emerge, the most significant one being a treo that allows video conferencing @ a $400 subsidized price point. While the Treo 600 sells for $100-150.

    Continuing with the same line of thinking . . . the treo evolves over the next 1-2 years and brings PLMO to sustained profitability.

    Hawkins releases his secret weapon @ that time (the new device he talked about, unless its just treo w/ video conferencing).

    I could go on but my wife is on me to go look at a house . . . I'd better go . . .
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    i can sympathize with you, mine was on me to go looking for furniture today after i posted mine.

    thanks for the insight.
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    some more thoughts came to mind..

    1) implementing ddram into the smartphones.. enabling the processors to handle more than one download or processing job to take place at the same time. ( i guess this is the same as mult-threading )

    with this tech built-in, we`d be on the verge of waving goodbye to our trusty but heavy laptops and notebooks.

    2) if possible, reducing sar radiation from these phones
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    2004 will be the year of flip phone following the trend of Japanese market. Traditional numerical pad and 2.4 inch QVGA screen like SO 505i will become a hit by the end of the year.

    treo600 form factor with thumboard will remain in obscurity as flip phone form factor takes over the market approaching 2004 holiday buying season.

    The hottest chrismast gift next year will be an advance smartphone.
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    could be.... flip phones are just about the most popular, most common type of cell phone in use today... just taking a look around while in a mall, in the city or anywhere else is proof enough on that..

    so yeah,, i could see the flip phone being the next big thing.. palmone may just design another treo flip phone for this reason,, except this one might be more similar to a samsung design,, which i think is the most attractive flip design going right now..
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    Intel Shows Advanced Smartphone Concept

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    Monday September 22, 2003 9:50 AM EDT
    By Brad Smith, news@2 direct -- "Combining a PDA with a mobile phone has been termed an "all-in-one" device that does everything. But Intel is showing off a concept device at the Intel Developers Forum in San Jose this week that does even more.

    Intel President Paul Otellini referred to the company's "Universal Communicator" prototype in his IDF speech earlier in the week and Chief Technology Officer Pat Gelsinger talked a lot more about it today in his forum speech.

    The Universal Communicator is a smartphone that makes voice calls over either a traditional GSM/GPRS cellular network or using 802.11 WLAN technology. It also supports data over both air interfaces. Of course, it runs on Intel's new XScale processor technology, code-named Bulverde, and has a Secure Digital slot and high-resolution "organic light emitting diode" screen developed by Kodak."

    but the prototype is not a flip phone,, but a candybar design.
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    "As Smartphones become more complex in their functionality they are slowly becoming more like mini-PCs, and users will require more support in learning how to utilise their full potential. Dean Bubley, founder and analyst, Disruptive Analysis, said,

    "Smartphones are approaching the power and utility levels of PCs, but differ in terms of user expectations. The PC is a "product": if it crashes, or we have a software issue, we contact paid-for helplines or corporate IT support departments.

    By contrast, Smartphone usage will be driven by our experience of voice mobile phones, which are part of a "service". Users will expect 'dialtone' levels of reliability and simplicity, and it will be the mobile service provider that gets the support call when things go wrong.

    Cellular operators therefore face the prospect of rising Smartphone support costs, unless they manage users' devices much more effectively and proactively." Improving the quality of customer support for Smartphones, whilst minimising costs, is the biggest single challenge facing network operators today.

    The quality of customer support provided to mobile users today is generally poor, in fact, as many as two thirds of operators’ existing customers in the UK consider service to be ‘awful’.1Add to this the increased complexity that supporting a Smartphone device brings and there is a potential recipe for disaster."
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    it is nice to see that some people have great idea`s about new items for the Treo 600, but wouldn`t it be nice if we can buy this thing ??

    Here in Europe it is hardly available !
    I`m waiting for months to get my hands on one.
    When it is available in europe it will be out of date.

    So I don`t think it will be a succes for PalmOne at all.
    let Palmone work on their production capacity first and then work on their ditribution system.
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    Originally posted by bmacfarland

    I think you'd need to do some market research to test this out. For instance, I've never used (nor know of anyone who has used or have seen anyone use) a voice recorder.

    As for Bluetooth that would be a major addition for a friend that leased a new Acura TL (I think it's a TL). It comes with built in circuitry to recognize the phone and supplies a handsfree experience that generally costs a lot of money. I don't know the number of people that use BT, but I think it might be a bit. I personally don't have much of a need for it yet.
    I'm about really missing the voice recorder right about now. I need some way to record quick thoughts, cuz the keyboard just doesnt cut it when I'm busy. I've never really even used one before, I think I need it. My old sanyo had it, like others old phones. I never used it then, but I'm much more organized now.

    3MP camera in a phone this size? You're nuts. take a look at the smallest 3MP camera, now add that to the phone, think about battery, storage, oh and you prolly want a flash. The flash would kill the battery in SHARP bursts.

    BT... well, it would be nice, but not a big deal.
    Current SD solutions seems only half-baked to me. If it was SD, then I could see networking, but I dont see how it would logically blend well with the Phone hardware. There might be a problem getting the wireless headsets to work. Phone is phone, audio is audio, and merging them is a mess.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    i haven't gotten a treo 600 yet. i'm holding off on buying one. but if i get it as a 'gift' i'll take it.

    i love the formfactor of the treo but it's missing some key functionality that i think all cell phones should include and that's bluetooth.

    in this day and age their should absolutely be no reason to use a cable to sync your device.

    anyway's have u guys seen the iPAQ h6300? it's rumored to have the same form factor as the treo 600 w/gsm, wifi, bluetooth, and a replaceable battery.

    the only downside (maybe an upside) is that is a windows mobile 2003 device.
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    My investigation shows that the Treo 610 that may come out in March 04 will have bluetooth, 360 x 360, and that TMobile may be the new product launch site. It may have more ram. I think TMobile will skip the 600 and bring out the new service plan with the Palm T610. The other goodies maybe next year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    It's been a few months now since the release of the Treo600 and I think most users here have come to appreciate functionality and design that the folks at Handspring (PalmOne) were able to create with the Treo600! It's definitely one best devices that I've ever owned despite some of it shortcomings, and great improvement over the previous generation Treo300 (at least IMO). Anyway, I thought it high time to discuss some preditions and wishes about the Treo in the next year! Below are my predictions which I think its a good mix of some conservative as well as dream concepts!

    1) PalmOne finally releases much bally-hooed software/Rom update in Q1 of 2004 to fix lack of voice recorder functionality, blue dot phenomenon in camera, constant phone backlight issue etc.

    2) T-Mobile finally releases Treo600 to the masses and not just vaunted business customers!

    3) Verizon left out of the loop! The conspiratorial side of me thinks that Sprint is playing hardball here and wants to make sure it keep the exclusive market for CDMA Treo600.

    4) PalmOne releases Treo600 version sans camera for enterprise! This would make sense IMO cuz there's lots of folks who simply cannot use camera phones in their workplace...

    5) Next Treo line adopts PUC (palm universal connector)! This is only logical IMO and would bring the Treo in line with other high end offering from PalmOne. Primary reason why I bought the Palm Wireless keyboard!

    6) Sprint finally launches it's locations based services in late 2004 thus enabling integrated GPS funtionality in Treo! We already know that most new Sprint mobiles have the Snaptrack AGPS chip installed. It's just a matter of launching the service to access the GPS! Can you imagine integrated voice activated GPS feature while driving on the Treo!

    7) Next GSM Treo will offer dual mode quad-band GSM/EGDE wireless feature! This only make sense IMO. UMTS would be nice too, but we can't have everything! Or can we?

    8) Next CDMA Treo from Sprint to offer Ready Link or PTT functionality as well as Video mail. It would be odd for future Treos not to have the option of adding these features. I know many people have their qualms about PTT, but it definitely would be a value added feature!

    9) PalmOne rebrands Tungsten W line as Treo-W and launches it as a "data-centric" Treo with large high rez screen and thumbboard targeted for IT-types. This would be more of a pda-centric Treo meant to compete against the upcoming h6000 series from HP as well as BB Dell device. A tri-wireless, OS 6 "Treo-W" would be very nice IMO....

    10) Treo600 price drops to sub $200 level by end-Q2/Q3 2004 thereby spurting further Treo600 sales. PalmOne slashes prices in anticipation of new Treo model release!

    11) Next Treo released Sept/Oct 2004 will look something like this (where's Jake?) with many of the above listed features including BT, high rez screen 320x480 transflective (no CSTN BS), minimum 1 MP camera, Intel X-scale 400 MHZ based Palm OS 6 (multitaskng, multithreading), M-Systems based DiskOnChip NAND storage, rechargeable+replaceable battery, video-conferencing capable, and Blackberry client support!! Integrating wifi would be pushing it, but hopefully the SDIO slot will be compatible with Sandisk wifi card...

    12) And finally by the end of the year, the Treo600 establishes itself as the number one PalmOS smartphone in the market and single handedly propels PalmOne into profitability! Treo600 finally makes strong foothold in Europe/Asia and successfully captures limited market share against Symbian/MS platform smartphone devices.

    Okay, so what are ya'll predictions?

    WOW! I can't believe it's been a year huh?

    Anyway, I thought I'ld bring back this thread to see how well my predictions went...

    1) Yup, P1 finally released not one but two patches as I recall for the Treo 600...

    2) Yes as well...not that hard to predict though in retrospect...

    3) LOL! Well it did take Verizon nearly 9 months to finally release the Troe 600 after it was first launched by Sprint. I wonder if it will take them that long again with the 650...

    4) Yes again!

    5) Well I was wrong about the PUC, but I was write about PalmOne adopting a new connector (i.e, the 'Athena' or multiconnector)

    6) Alas, this didn't happen unfortunately. However recent rumors have indicated that Sprint will launch LBS in 2005. In fact the next Java pluggin for the Treo 650 supposedly even included LBS API's...

    7) YES! Thankfullly Edge is in the 650...

    8) Alas, this never happenned... but shadowmite has interestingly found that the Rom does have PTT functionality. This may also explain the future function of the button below the vol control on the 650, so who knows. In any case, 3rd party options like Kodiak and kalemsoft's new app, chitchat, may fill this void...

    9) Never happenned and probably never will. However, I do think a data-centric device is still worthwhile. Perhaps P1 will update the TC for this purpose.

    10) Didn't happen. Hell I can't believe the 600 is still retailing for over $400 USD bbrand new w/o contract. That absolutely ridiculous. PalmOne needed to release a low cost Treo ages ago! Not having done so is extremely foolish imo...

    11) HELL I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE NAND based storage!!!!!!!!!!! I think that's pretty big coup huh? The rest of the specs were a bit far off, especially the slidout screenie. However the 650 does have a 320x320 rez screen, faster proc, and replaceable battery, and video mail I think that was pretty close!

    12) Well yes and no. The Treo 600 did become the #1 smartphone in NA, but it's success in Europe was not as great primarily b/c of lack of BT and etc...

    Anyway, that was interesting. 6-7 out of 12 (give or take a couple) isn't that bad is it! I'll post my 2005 predicitons later in the 650 forum soon.
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    great job, gfunk!

    I'm curious to know your predictions about Palm OS vs. other OSs for smartphones.
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