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    This is a weird post, but it has been bugging me for sometime.

    When I had my Treo 300 it seemed that I dropped the stinker about once a day...if not more. Eventually, this gave way to a broken hinge and many scrapes and scratches on the case. Had to use my replacement insurance TWICE!!!

    I now have my Treo 600 and haven't dropped it a single time. It's fallen out of my pocket (primarily because I'm an *****), but I haven't had it physically fall out of my hand like the several times with my 300.

    This creates an arena of mysterious possibilites. Why did I drop the 300 so many times and so far the 600 not once?

    Was it just me?

    Did the "flip-phone" aspect of the 300 increase the chances that it would be dropped?

    The 300 is slightly larger and more "boxed" shape (sharper angles)...was it harder to hold?

    Did I subconsciously hate my 300 and wish its crushing demise (a strong possibility)?

    Do I love my 600 so much that I refuse to be careless (another strong possibility)?

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    i think it is because it in new, so you are careful with it.

    wait a month or two, when it becomes an old habbit.
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    Are you using e-grips? If not, I wouldn't press my luck.

    I never dropped my Treo either but was very careful/fearful until I received my e-grips which I orders as a result of reading several threads.

    I have two friends who I encouraged to order e-grips before they received their phones. They are great.

    You can get them at

    Good Luck and be careful.
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    i dropped my treo 270 and the lid im waiting on my new 600 to arrive

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