I, like a fool, ordered the Treo 600 hoping I could use it on T-mobile's service that I currently have. Well, of course it doesn't work. Now, I have three options.

1) Wait & see...the Treo 600 makes a really nice paperweight

2) Sell on Ebay, current prices for this unit are $450 - $500 which means i'll make a profit on the unit...but not with Time Value Money

3) Return to Handspring and get a refund because it doesn't fit my needs.

Now, given all we know about AT&T and unlocking, what are the odds that the Treo 600 will be able to be unlocked? How long was it before Treo 180's and 270's were unlocked by the world at large?

I am willing to pay to have it unlocked, after all, I've dropped $400 on this unit already! Any/all advice is appreciated.