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    I just posted a new (freeware) program to Palmgear to modify the color of your navigation ring. If you're using Colorize or Khroma and the blue navigation ring doesn't look good with your color scheme, or you just don't like the blue ring, this lets you change it.

    Download it here

    Feel free to post comments to this thread or at PalmGear.
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    Nice app. I was looking for this in Colorize.
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    Originally posted by treosixoo

    Nice app. I was looking for this in Colorize.
    Brilliant! I can make it much easier to spot than the light blue default color! Thanks!!!!
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    Awesome program!!

    Added it to the Utility Software area on
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    Also added to Treo 600 Essentials.

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    Sorry-- what is the navigation ring?
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    The navigation ring is the highlight you see around a button or other user interface control to show the part of the screen you are intereacting with. By default, it appears as a light blue ring.

    I'm glad its useful enough to be listed on treo1 and Treo 600 Essentials.
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    Originally posted by neill
    Sorry-- what is the navigation ring?
    it's the highlight around buttons, controls, etc that let you know where the d-pad is currently pointing to.
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    AWESOME! Very nice app arognlie!!
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    Is anyone able to access Palmgear from their T600? I keep getting an intermediate prompt without ever getting to the real site...
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    It's in beta. And hasn't progressed a smidge for months. In fact for a while you could search and d/l games (only games), now nothing. They are unreliable with this kind of thing so don't hold your breath.
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    man, I wish there was some foolproof way of learning about all these kick-*** custimizations and apps without having to turn myself into that little gnome from Lord of the Rings mesmermized by my computer all day and night.

    this utility is da BOMB!!
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    Is there any way to change the color of the inside of the button? Without having to go to a whole new color scheme?
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    When I install the latest version it comes up corrupted or as a pdb. Anyone else having this problem?

    I've downloaded it three seperate times from both PalmGear and FreewarePalm.

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    rob600, I didn't post it at freewarepalm, so I can't verify that it was set up correctly. I tried downloading it from there, and the zip was corrupted. But I can download it from Palmgear...

    In any case, I just went ahead and posted the prc here.

    And I wanted to ask, what's the general opinion on integrating with the Prefs app. I just did it as an exercise for myself (and I hadn't wanted to worry too much about an icon). But I've noticed a trend away from integration.

    Thoughts? Any other features you'd like (eg. prepackaged themes, import/export, etc)?
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    Beatiful. I've been wishing for this since I first turned on my T600.

    Thanks so much.

    (Now all we need is a way to customize the color scheme for the dal pad!)
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    Thanks much, that worked fine.

    I like it in Prefs, it seems to be the appropriate to me.

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    I ran into a possible bug where my power button stopped working. I used FileZ to delete Highlighter from my T600, and then I was able to fix the power button issue by going to Preferences -> Buttons and then mapping the button to calendar and back to power.

    Anyone else see this issue or was it a fluke?
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    rosenft, can you expound at all on how the button stopped working? There's really no relation between what Hilighter does and and the power button (or any hardware buttons for that matter).

    I've been using this for a few weeks in one form or another with no problems (course I'm a bit biased ).

    One point, if Hilighter is not installed, the color changes will not survive a reset (the Treo seems to reset the colors after any type of reset). If Hilighter is installed, it will automatically restore the colors on reset.
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    Originally posted by Rob600
    When I install the latest version it comes up corrupted or as a pdb. Anyone else having this problem?

    I've downloaded it three seperate times from both PalmGear and FreewarePalm.

    I just downloaded four different applications from FreewarePalm and all of them were corrupted. Wonder what is going on at that site...

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