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    I am sitting in a sun-drenched library, working on some logo designs for my client...

    - I went from pencil sketches (photographed on Treo 600) that were emailed to the client for approval

    - to Illustrator drafts created on my ultralight Solo 3350 laptop (that were emailed to client via PDANet)

    - to a final approved logo that was emailed to a printer to have business cards made (again using PDANet)


    Today, the damn Treo 600 paid for itself...



    Now I'm gonna play some Palm OS games I just downloaded until I get the PayPal payment.



    Can you say convergence?
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    Why is everything always "sun-drenched" to you creative types?
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    Its the rose-colored glasses that make everything look that way!

    "I see dead pixels..."

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