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    My girlfriend bought me the Treo 600 Piel Frama case for my birthday, not knowing that I had already bought one a few days ago.

    Anyway, the Piel Frama case is brand new, black in color. IMHO, it is the nicest case on the market.

    Price: $45.00 shipped.
    I take PayPal

    Email me:
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    I'll take it!

    Please email me back with paypal instructions. I sent you email as well.


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    Already sold.

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    I have two black Piel Frama cases as well. #1 was from the "first batch" P Frama manufactured, and it did not fit my Sprint version phone as exactly as I wanted. Ruben (Customer Service) claimed they only had the non-Sprint version from which to model. A week or so later, they sent me #2 that was slightly re-tooled. It works great.

    If you have the non-Sprint version of the Treo 600 and you want what is arguably the nicest case available, I will ship it to you for $45.

    It is very slightly used (hardly noticeable,) and I can even include the gift box if you want it. I can send pictures if you are seriously interested. Let me know.
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    I'm willing to buy it from you for $35. It's used, and you got two for one. I can get new from StylusCentral for $50. Please email PayPal account if interested. Thanks!
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    The case has left the building. It's on its way to wskteo...
    "Pain is temporary; quitting lasts forever." -- L. Armstrong

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