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    I recently installed the slightly-handicapped, trial version of mLights to see how it worked for controlling the backlighting of the screen & keyboard on my T600. It seems to offer some nice features but it left me confused about something....

    Since installing mLights, I have noticed that the screen on my T600 dims on a phone-call about 10 seconds after hitting 'Dial'. For the life of me, I cannot recall if this behavior was the norm before I installed mLights or not. I've tried enabling/disabling mLights, maxing-out the screen brightness & even deleting the mLights application in the effort to resolve this 'issue'. No such luck -- it stills acts this way. The screen dimming does not coincide with the keyboard backlighting going off either.

    Any ideas? What does your phone do?

    Thanks for any assistance you may give!
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    This "dimming" is normal. My phone works like this since the beginning.


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    Ditto. Once you press a button or the screen it brightens back up again, correct?
    It does not tunr the backlight off, just dims it to night seeting per se.
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    Yes, the screen dims (to 'night-mode'?) and will brighten back up if I hit a key. BUT, in mLights, you can set the brightness level for both Daylight & Night modes. When I set both the Day & Night levels to the brightest setting this dimming still occurs. Are my expectations wrong?

    Thanks for assisting!
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    Yes, I think what you are seeing is correct (having both the day and night set to full on), I assume when the phone dims, it doesn't use the setting from the Pref or mLights. I think it just dims.

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