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    On the good suggestion of Treocentral members I have installed and begun relying on Zlauncher. I like the program mainly because it provides an exceptionally clean method for moving applications to and from memory cards. I like that I can set Zlauncher to automatically create "shortcuts" to applications I move to my memory card, placing the shortcut within the original category of the application. So I move lots of programs to my memory card and have lots of free space in RAM.

    Prior to installing Zlauncher, I used to rely heavily on a backup program called CardBackup. The utility backs up entire Palm memory to memory card at preset times, such as every morning, after every hotsync, or on occasions that you manually request the program to backup the Palm. I liked using the program because of it really did back up everything, and for its "partial restore" feature. This feature is really handy when you accidentally delete something and aren't near your computer to reinstall it. You can simply reinstall that particular program from your memory card. I used to keep backups of RAM from every month so that I can reinstall programs I deleted litterally months ago if I decide I wish I still had them. Also, once I was traveling overseas without my laptop. My T600 crashed and hard reset. But all was not lost: I plopped in my memory card and fully restored my T600 to it's precise state backed up early in the morning. Very sweet.

    So my question to TreoCentral users is as follows: Have any of you had any experiences combining Zlauncher (or equivalent) with CardBackup (or equivalent), where you are moving applciations to memory cards, running them from there, and also performing backups to the same memory card? Are there any smart approaches to take, any smart settings to be aware of, etc? Will everything work perfectly?

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    Since Backupman (and your program presumeably), back up everything on the treo that isn't in ROM, then one can say that the combo works fine.


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