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    Is there a password safe that uses the password as the primary key. For example, I would like see my passwords click on that password and see all the places/sites that I have assigned that password too. Seem like all the applications want to sort by Place/Site first...
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    I'll take the first shot at it...I don't think there is one since the password is what people would tend to forget. That is why "all" applications sort by "place". However, I've been wrong before.

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    I guess what I am trying to avoid is having like 1000 entries which all have the same password.... It would be nice to have a list of a few passwords that show me all the places which use it.

    I remember the passwords but then to forget which site/place/item has what password.
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    Try mobipassword. It'll let you take your IE bookmarks with you on your treo AND do auto logins for you. Takes while to set up but it sure works nicely.......


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