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    I know everyone talks about how great PDANet is. I tried it and keep getting error #720 after it tries to log on my computer. I e-mailed the developers and they said this is a known issue. Is anyone else having this problem? If it is such a known issue I would think I could easily find references to this, but I can't.

    What would be the next best software to use? The only software I can find is PDANet.
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    The only other software I've found that allows you to use your Treo as a modem is wireless modem by notifymail. Unfortunately they do not appear to be interested in supporting a USB connection under Windows so you'll have to use the IR port for your connection. (which is significantly slower)

    Here's a link.

    I use PDANet and have been ever since I had the Treo 300 seven months ago. Form my experince the program seems to work differently on every PC.

    I have three computers and it seems to work best on the slowest of the three. (shrug)

    On the other two much faster Pentium 4 PCs the program connects with no problems but usually disconnects after about 5 minutes or so. In most cases the connection is left open in a frozen state on the PC and the PC must be rebooted before I can reconnect. (This problem occurs less often on my Treo 600 than it did on the Treo 300)

    This problem has been persistent on two other PCs at a friends house also, so I don't think it is a compatibility problem with any other software or drivers I've got installed.

    Having said that, I still use PDANet on the one PC that it works on because I can't find anything better. But I refuse to actually register the program until they release a version that works on my faster PCs.

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    Thanks for the information. That's better than nothing.
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    I too am now getting the 720 error after I updated to ver. 3.0. Anyone have a solution for this. I have re-installed the software, re-synced etc. multiple times.


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