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    I have an Suntrust Bank personal account and cannot find an access address for the Treo for Internet Banking. Is anyone out there able to access their Suntrust Account from the Treo?

    This would be the coolest thing.

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    Same with Virtualbank...any help would be appreciated.
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    I bank with Bank of America, and while they don't have a PDA-specific portal (that I'm aware of), I can access my bank account by typing in the URL of the regular https online baking site and disabling images for faster loading.

    It's worked for me so far.
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    Not sure about SunTrust but I have full access to my accounts with Capital City Bank. I just moved some money around today!
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    US Bank works too through blazer
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    What would be really nice is if "yodlee" worked on the Treo, so you could see all your accounts at once. I can load yodlee but it resets the Palm after downloading some of status page.

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