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    (I did search the forum for answers prior to posting - apologies if I missed anything and this is a repeat)

    I recently let my firm install the Goodlink apps on my personal T6, hoping that it would be an easy way to get and respond to work-related email. And, in the email department, this is a superb application.

    However, I can't run away fast enough from the to-do (Outlook Task) and calendar (Outlook) functions. What's worse, this install completely screwed my carefully setup syncing of Datebk5 with my Outlook (at work, via PocketMirror Pro) and Palm Desktop (at home). The tasks and calendar seem to no longer sync at work.

    So, the question: How do I get rid of the everything but the email in the Goodlink apps? I've tried deleting the Good To-do app, but that doesn't seem to have changed anything. Ideas?

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    I'm still waiting for my Goodlink to be installed so can't help however, Goodlink assured me that I would still be able to synchronize with my home copy of Outlook even after Goodlink is installed to sync to my office machine. You might want to check their website (I think he mentioned the possiblity of having to reinstall pocketmirror after Goodlink).

    On Datebook, he did tell me that Goodlink was incompatible with my copy of Agendus, which is a shame.
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    I had the same problem.

    Delete the GoodLink apps that do nothing but give direct access to the sub-functions, i.e. to do, calendar, contacts.

    This will make the built-in apps reappear. Don't remove the main GoodLink application.
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    Many thanks, MadBrowser - that worked.

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