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    I thought some of you may enjoy this. I was bored and made a list of everything I have been using my Treo600 for. Pretty amazing if you ask me. If anyone is wondering if they should get a pda phone, read this list. By the way I haven't had any hardware or software problems with mine at all.

    Call someone (duh)
    Keep track of my student schedule/important dates
    Address/phone book
    email w/attachments (snappermail)
    text messaging/chat (sms)
    Look up any webpage: (for example)
    use google
    Use directory assistance
    Use mapquest & directions
    Look up any illness
    Directions for CPR/Heimlich etc
    read the latest news from anywhere in the world
    look up movie times
    look up band schedules
    order tickets online
    buy things online like from
    run/bid on ebay auctions
    read/participate in forum discussions
    Check the weather anywhere
    Full TV guide for any network service anywhere
    Find restaurants and hotels and flights and place reservations
    Enclyclopedia look up
    Any other webpages you can think of?

    Read a complete book (ebook)
    Look up lyrics to songs on the net
    Scratch memo pad for jotting down random stuff
    Alarm clock!
    Use it as a timer for whatever
    Convert ANY form of measurement
    Calculate the distance of lightning strikes
    Dieting/calorie calculating (ya right)
    Use IRC chat relay
    Use ICQ
    Text Blogging (Vagablog)
    Photo Blogging with the camera (Textamerica)
    Update webpages (EzFTP)
    Take a picture and store it
    Email a picture (Snappermail)
    Post a picture on a website
    play a zillion games including all Nintendo, Sega and any Arcade game
    Look up the periodic table elements
    Totally control my home pc remotely (MobileTS)
    Universal TV/cable/home theater remote control
    Transfer any file to the 512mb SD card and back
    Beam any file to another Palm Piplot or PC through IR port
    Play mp3's (512mb worth) (Ptunes)
    Download mp3's off the web (Mediamanager)
    Download mp3's from my home computer (Home pc server)
    download and play midi files from anywhere
    Stream audio from any website like music or news stations (Shoutcast)
    Watch full length movies (Kinoma)
    Download and watch movies from web
    Download and watch movies from home computer
    Full banking access including sending bills (USbank online)
    Use Word w/full dictionary, spell checker & thesarus (Wordsmith)
    Complete Planetarium of the night sky
    Backup the internal memory of the palm to the SD Card
    Look at Excel or Powerpoint documents
    Doodle a picture with the stylus and email it
    The bright screen makes a GREAT flashlight
    The stylus is great for itching inside your ear

    Can You think of any others?
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    Yes I am amazed by the treo, it is a powerful tool. I can add a few things to your list. I use it with mapopolis and a gps receiver for turn by turn spoken directions in the car. I can't live without my auto program (teal auto) to track service and fuel mileage. Didn't think I would ever use one, now that I have an auto tracking app I always use it.

    You mentioned a remote control for your tv, etc. Which program do you use for the universal remote? I have heard that the range is only 3 feet or so on the treo.

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