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    Hello Folks,

    I have noticed over time that the Treo's will continue to search for a signal till the cows come home or the batteries die which ever comes first. Usually the batteries die.

    You say how can I do this? Well, try working in a hospital basement or in a data center where the walls are so thick that the Sprint signal does not penetrate the facility and the phone goes in signal search mode. This has happened to me at least 6 times since I have had the phone. It is the second one in a year. I feel very lucky to have had just one break with the Treo 300 from the experiences I have read about here and other places.

    What I am looking for is a Software package similar to the power monitor for PC's that monitors the batteries status and takes appropriate action based on the status of the batteries.

    Say the phone gets to %50 of battery life available and beeps.

    Better yet it goes into search mode and when it does not find a signal in 30 60 or 90 seconds goes into a wait state for 2 or 3 minutes and then tries again unless a button is pressed to bring it into active search mode again. Cycle through this status three times and then beep with a distinctive beep to tell the user (Me or Whomever) that it is powering the phone down. This would maintain the phones power levels to a higher level of service and not drain them immediately when operating in fringe areas or when there is NO SIGNAL available.

    I know you all are probably thinking why do I not just turn the phone off. Well, when you happen to have a walk from the front door to your desk that can take 2 hours because you happen to be the fix it man. And Focus the way I do on issues at hand to solve the problem. The phone not having a signal is one of the items that is not on the front burner. So having a function on the phone to beep when there is no service available and continue to beep when there is no service would help greatly. Also make the beep annoying so that I have to pay attention and shut off the phone feature or it drives me crazy. I would rather have it nag me to death until I turn it off than run down the batteries. This way I do not have to resync the phone.

    I can not say how many phone numbers that I have lost because I just did not sync and then went into one of the locations with out signals. Two hours and no signal can KILL my treo. So looking for some software that will assist with this.

    By the way. The timed off is not an option. The reason is if there is a signal I want to keep the phone on. I use it to monitor my mail while traveling. I travel all the time and that is the quickest way for someone to contact me when on the road.

    Thank you all in advance.

    I know that something similar to this exists for the Kyocera phones. Was hoping one exists for the Treo 300.
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    "treohelper" comes very close to what you are looking for.

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