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    Sorry for posting this here as I have a thread

    That started out unrelated, so I didn't expect direct answers to this question.

    But here goes.
    Or the Shure Quietspot is .

    I wanted to know if anyone has compared the two directly.

    Pros and cons are that the Shure can be used without the over the ear hook. The Boom cannot (I'm not 100% on this)

    The Boom has an answer end button, the Shure does not.

    The Boom is a bit bulkier than the Shure, thus a bit bulkier and a bit "dorkier???"

    The Boom sounds like it might sound better in terms of mic quality and noise cancelling. I want to use this in my loud suburban, at airports, at trade shows, outdoors, etc.. without people knowing I'm not in "my office".

    In terms of what you hear, I would think the Shure is louder?? Since it sits inside your ear. But I'd like to hear from someone on this.

    I'm just looking for the best sound and comfortable, small, light, etc.., etc...

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    I received the Shure product a few days ago and like it quite a bit. It's lightweight, easy to put on with one hand, and seems to be leaps and bounds above the earbud that comes with the T600.

    I ordered The Boom, but have not yet received it. I also ordered the Unleash wireless headset from Reason Products. One of the three will be going back, I just need to test them all out to see how they perform head-to-head. All indications are that each headphone is liked by the members of this forum, albeit for different reasons. I'm hoping to have them all by early next week, so I can update you at that time.
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    I have used both.

    What specific questions do you have?

    Regarding loudness, you won't have a problem with either. I think I my treo had between zero and two bars of loudness for either headset. Plenty loud and clear.

    Theboom is NOT small and light. It's a heafty headset and that's one thing I didn't like about it. But one thing that's neat about it is that you can leave the earhook on your ear all the time. I used to do this when I know I'm on and off the phone all day. The mic/earpice is connected to the earloop via magnet. So you keep theboom in your pocket or briefcase..when you get a phone call, quickly "snap" it into the earloop. It's slick.

    for the on/off button, it was there for the t300 version because the attachment was for a nokia phone. Don't know if the cord attachment for the t600 has an on/off button. I'd tend to say no.

    If you don't want people to know where you are, go with theboom..hands down winner. No one could tell where I was when I used it. Indoors. Outdoors. Airports. Cabs.
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    How was the noise cancelling of the Shure headset? Was it even close to the boom?
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    the noise cancelling of the shure's not bad. I've had a few people not even notice when I drive, park my car, and go into my house.

    the big difference between the two is the quality and sensitivity of the mic. I could whisper into theboom in any noice environment and I came through like I was whispering. With the shure headset, you just can't hear me cuz it's not senstive enough (not because of the background noise). I feel like I have to talk a bit louder to be heard with the shure. Then again, this was my problem with every headset I tried except for theboom. lots of privacy with the boom. like, in an airport when you're sitting next to someone, you can talk into theboom without anyone around you really hearing what you're saying. impossible with any other headset.

    If you want quality, go for doubt. it's easily the best thing I've ever used. My only two gripes are the size and the price. It's phenomenal.

    I currently use the shure cuz it's cheaper and my work/travel doesn't require me to have a super duper performing headset anymore. It's also less bulky. The shure's not perfect, but it works for me.
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    Thanks Chuhsi,

    After your post, I've gone ahead and ordered the boom. As well as two other of my friends. It came to me when I was on a con call today for an hour and went from my house, to my car, to a restaurant and had to keep muting, and speaking loudly to make sure the other person didn't know I was not in the office.

    Hopefully the boom will help with all these transitions, especially the dinging of the car door as you put the key in the ignition

    Thanks, I'll post my review when I get it.
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    Would love to hear what you think about it when you get it!
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    The Boom arrived yesterday. I took it out of the box, adjusted it for my head and gave it a demo. I called a friend and talked while standing next to a paper shredder while it was in use. I was heard loud and clear. The person on the other end just heard a slight buzz, but couldn't tell what the background noise was. In the car, no one can tell I'm driving, and if I turn up the radio I can't hear myself talk but the other person can hear me crystal clear.

    Though someone else said the headset is not small and light, I have to disagree about the light part. It certainly is not as feathery as the Shure Quietspot, but it still isn't a heavy headset. Once I have it on, I have a tendency to keep checking it since I'm not sure it's on securely though, in fact, it is quite nicely sitting on/in my ear.

    This one definitely a keeper.
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    How loud is it? Can you hear the other people on the other end in loud environments?

    From the picture I couldn't tell, does the earpiece go inside your ear? Is there a foam piece around that? or rubber? or hard plastic?

    Is it comfortable to wear for an hour or all day?

    I get mine hopefully on wednesday
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    How loud is it? Can you hear the other people on the other end in loud environments?
    The earpiece is quite loud. I typically use 2 to 4 bars (out of 7) when I'm driving on the freeway. For those people that speak softly, I turn it up to 6 bars...7 is too loud. And my hearing is NOT the best.

    From the picture I couldn't tell, does the earpiece go inside your ear? Is there a foam piece around that? or rubber? or hard plastic?
    The earpiece goes inside the ear. It's made of a soft's sort of like a funnel that goes into your earhole. There is nothing around it. The foam that comes with The Boom is for the microphone (wind noise, sibilants, etc.).

    Is it comfortable to wear for an hour or all day?
    I wear it for an hour drive at a time and it is very comfortable. The unit is quite adjustable, so it I think most people will be able to find a comfortable fit. Still, YMMV. Whether or not you could wear it all day is hard to say. Since the microphone portion of the headset is held magnetically to the earpiece, it's easy to take it off and give your ear a rest. You just click it back in place when you receive a call...piece of cake.
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    OK, I bit the bullet and have ordered THE Boom headset! My Jabra wasn't working properly, and its my 3rd headset. I will post a review when I get it.
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    Just bit the bullet and ordered TheBoom. I have tried Plantronics and Jabra with no success. The one the 600 came with is a joke. I need something that cuts out the background noise when I am on the road. Clients don't like to talk when they can't understand what I am saying.
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    So I waited with anticipation for the UPS truck to come. And now that I have it, It rocks!

    The sound quality is amazing. I had the stereo loud enough where you couldn't have a conversation in the room, and the other person could here me perfectly. In a car going 60mph with the window down and the radio on, same thing.

    It is a bit bulky, and wish it was smaller. But very, very comfortable. The earpiece is a soft rubber that is like a small funnel and goes into your ear canal a bit. So it's very loud!

    It is very light. And I do like that the over the ear piece detaches from the boom mike via a magnet which makes it easy to take on and off through the day at the desk or in the car.

    It does not have an answer/end button, which I wish it did.

    They sent a TREO 600 specific adapter which on the invoice said it was a prototype. Works great.

    Overall. Worth the money if you don't want anyone to know where you are calling from and want it to sound like you are calling from a handset on a landline.
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    Thats exactly what I am looking for. the other day I was at the DFW AIrport and leaving a message for someon, and they couldn't hear me over the airport paging. Plus, I take a lot of calls on the road, so if fits that good that people can't tell if you are on a landline or not, that'w exactly what I'm looking for. Can't wait for it to show up now!
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    After reading the various reviews, I decided to take the plunge and called to place an order. I asked the sales rep about the $99 sale and was told that it was over. I suggested that I had readd great reviews of the device on this forum, but just could not justify $150 for a headset -- she advised me that she would check on it and call me back.

    Well, tonight she called and said the sale was now extended until January 15th! So my new headest is on the way and it was only $99.00. I'll post my review once it arrives next week.

    If you are thinking about ordering, I would do so before the 15th!
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    Just got theBoom delivered today. Its a little larger than most, but not too big and part of the reason its bigger than is that it works by placing the voice-piece in front of your mouth (or very close). And other than not having a 'flash' button, which I'm sure someone could create, the unit is fantastic. It is very other reports in this thread, I used to have my Treo 600 turned up to 6 or 7 bars, but now have it down to 2 or 3. The sound is very good and it is amazing that I can have my stereo playing in my car, or have someone speaking to me (like at a drive thru) or go from my car to my house where my kids are yapping and yet the person on the other end cant tell...;the only hear distant sounds....absolutely cool!

    So my only three wishes are for theBoom v2.0 would be:

    A) Make it thinner and lighter (like we want for all things electronic!)
    B) Give it a 'flash' and mute button
    C) Maybe make a wireless version (although this might degrade the sound quality)

    I am absolutely keeping this one!
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    I should get mine tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    Got mine today...

    Do not like the size, but the sound quality is amazing. I can drive at 70MPH with the windows down and the person on the other end can't tell.

    So far so good...
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    Received mine today. Didn't get a chance to test it fully yet. I did try what the documentation suggested about cranking up the stereo, and sure enough, I could not hear the stereo on the voice mail I left. Amazing. It is light which is good. I like the ear funnel, not sure what else to call it, as I find the best headsets fit in my ear vs. on my ear. Overall, so far so good. Will post tomorrow after I've used it for a day.
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    Was told today by the folks at theBoom that they're looking at releasing a cord for the T600 with an on/off ('flash') button on it...This would make handsfree so much more useable. We'll just have to wait and see.

    I've been using this unit now for 3 days and really think its great...
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