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    Now that I've had theboom for 2 weeks. Here is what I think.

    I got to use it on the floor of a Trade show with a thousand people around talking during a cocktail hour. Also, on the phone at Universal Studios with a DJ playing music in the background and the rollercoaster going over above, as well as the airport, car, etc..

    Results? As promised, absolutely amazing. In all conversations I asked the other person how it sounded they said it sounded like a land line and could not hear anything in the background.

    I could hear them as well, with the nice (soft rubber) funnel like earpiece.

    My only complaints are that I wish it had an answer end button, although I have asked them myself from several emails on when and have not heard.

    Also, it is a bit bulky. and I've had a few comments from friends that it's a bit much and jokingly teased me. The seperated over the earpiece is kind of cool, being it connects via magnet, but I'm afraid of losing it as I've dropped it several times already.

    If only they could design the boom arm thinner and the ability to not have to use the over the ear portion, but keep the boom stabile near the mouth.

    It is extremely flexible and pretty rugid. it's been in my jean pocket, shirt pocket, bag and the windscreen hasn't even fallen off, which I expected much earlier. (It comes with 4 windscreens just in case)

    Comfort level is great. I use it about 4-5 hours a day, on the phone on my Treo 600 as well as my landline. I use a different adapter for my home phone so I just unplug and plug in to whichever phone rings. (The boom cord is actually 2 cords, and has a connector in the middle, i.e. the bottom half cord is the cord that works for your phone. I think they even have Plantronic quick disconnect adapters as well).

    Overall rating
    mic quality 5/5
    sound quality (LOUD) 5/5 (I leave it at 1-2 bars)
    comfort 4.5/5 (too many hours in the ear it does bother me a bit)
    Style 3/5
    Build Quality 5/5

    overall 4.5/5

    Like I said, if it were only a bit smaller and had an answer end button, it would be a perfect wired headset.

    I like wireless, but the sound quality you give up is unacceptable to me.
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    I sent mine back. The boom seperated from the magnet too easily. They said to send it back and will send a replacement, so that is good. I will post if its any better.
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    I bought another one today for my dad.
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    I bought a QuietSpot and TheBoom, both are on the way. I'll keep one and my wife can have the other...or vise versa I should say. I'll compare and contrast and then post.
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    Originally posted by dpower
    I bought a QuietSpot and TheBoom, both are on the way. I'll keep one and my wife can have the other...or vise versa I should say. I'll compare and contrast and then post.
    I had both....The Boom is still with me....the QuietSpot wasn't quiet enough.
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    Oh yeah. I returned the Shure headset today, too. Too many problems with people not being able to hear me loudly.
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    I got a boom- found it too bulky- the rubber cone separated from the speaker-it is expensive-returned it- ordered a Shure HS- I am hoping for a better match of price to peformance.
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    Got an email from Boom customer service on Friday. They indicated my unit did have a defective magnet as it was very loose and falling off a lot. They will send a replacement on Monday.
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    Got the new boom. Yup, the magnet was defective on the other one! This is much better. It really rocks now.
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    Just got my Shure headshet today and I must say that I'm very disappointed. After scouring this site for hours looking for recommendations on a headset that works with the T600 I came across TheBoom and the Shure models. I went with The Shure based on price alone and as it turns out, it does NOT work with the T600.

    The audio works very well, but the person on the other hand couldn't hear a single word I said. I was speaking in a normal tone of voice, in a quiet room, and they could barely hear me. I had to almost put the boom in my mouth to be heard.

    I've come to the realization that there is not a single headset out there designed to work for the T600. Apparently we'll have to wait until Handspring certifies one. For now I'll stick with the ear bud since it works better than the rest so far.

    Those who have the Shure, what model do you have? I can't understand why mine doesn't work, but others have had success. I have model QSH3 and it definitely does not work with the T600.
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    i don't remember which shure i had, but it worked with my t600. My voice was softer than normal, but it wasn't bad.

    But nothing compares to theboom. i love mine.
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    I'm now on the boom constantly, maybe 5-6 hours a day. I even find someone to talk to when I know I'm in an impossibly loud environment.

    The sound quality on both ends is just great. I've bought a total of 4 of them. 2 for other friends that I convinced they should buy. and 1 as a gift. I've recommended it to at least a dozen other people when we start talking gadget talk.

    I remember someone commenting on the plane that they noticed I only had to wisper while sitting at the gate, and that convinced them to go do some research.

    Anyways, love it. Had it for over a month now, using it every day. They do tell me they are working on the answer end. I can't wait for that.

    Also, surprisingly the foam thing that goes over the mic is still there. (there are 3 other replacements just in case).
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    Has anyone tried this headset and if so, what were the results? I had a plantronics for my previous treo, but it obviously won't work with the 600. Just curious if anyone is using it?
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    I winced at the thought of spending $150 for a freakin headset. I still winced when it was on sale for $100 but bought it anyway. What a great product. Loud and clear on both ends. Sounds to the other party like you're on a GOOD landline phone. Even in a loud car. And I have to turn the volume down to one or two bars most of the time so I don't go deaf.

    I'm still teaching myself NOT to yell when talking on it in the car - old habits die hard.

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    I have to disagree with most of the posts here. I bought a Boom first. The sound quality was great, but the size and comfort was NOT. It is difficult to put on quickly and the magnet portion doesn't always work as advertised.

    I now have switch to the Shure and I like it much better. The sound seems to be comparable and the comfort factor is much better. The Shure is much easier to put on with one hand which is important when driving. Plus the Shure seems a lot more compact and lighter.
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    I felt the same way about TheBoom at first, but decided to give it a week and see.

    I have gotten much better at putting it on while driving and am less bothered by the fact that it does not feel as "secure" as some other headsets. I agree that there are more comfortable headsets, but also think that it takes a bit of time to get used to it.

    The bottom line for me is the quality of sound on both ends and the fact that it is getting more and more comfortable to wear for a two hour car ride and that I can easily put it on while diriving after a bit of practice.
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    My only gripe about theboom is the size. it's big.

    But I put it on and take it off super easily, especially while driving. I just keep the ear loop on my ear and pop off the mic part when I'm not using it. Putting it back is a simple magnetic "pop"

    Even the earloop is easy to put on for me now. It stays really stable, too. Make sure you go through the whole fit process as described int he instructions. It really makes a difference.
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    I've been following this thread for a while, and noticed a new headset coming out from Etymotic. I posted a "New cell headset coming out" thread in this forum.
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    I tried the Boom for almost three weeks...maybe I am just less coordinated.

    I would still recommend the Boom for its sound quality, but it really is user preference. In the end, the Shure was just easier for me to use and the sound quality while not as top notch was good enough. The Shure at $49 is much better than Plantronics or Jabra.

    I have coworkers that are very happy with their Booms.
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    Daft question perhaps, but with the new law in the UK which forbids using handsets when driving I am interested in something like this for driving.
    One question, with the headset plugged in, does the T600 ring from speaker, or do you have to have the headset on to hear ring-tone?
    It is no use to me if I have to drive for three hours with an earpiece in just so I can detect incoming calls.
    Thanks in anticipation.
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