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    According to a post a few days ago on the O'Reilly Network:

    "Subject: Treo 600 minus Bluetooth

    Date: 2003-12-20 06:23:50

    Wow. In a case of Great Minds Think Alike, two days ago I sent an email to Handspring to tell them that the only reason I'm not snapping up the impressive Treo is its lack of Bluetooth/wireless connectivity. To their credit, I received this rapid and detailed response :

    Dear James Ramsay (,

    Thank you for contacting palmOne, formerly Handspring.

    We appreciate your interest in the Treo 600. While there is nothing about
    the Treo 600 that would prevent it from being used with a compatible Bluetooth or 802.11 expansion card, we are not aware of any compatible cards at this time. We do, however, expect to see one released by SanDisk during 2003.
    (sic 2004?) For further information about this card, please contact SanDisk directly. For more information about Bluetooth and the Treo 600, please copy
    and paste the following URL into your browser:

    If you need further assistance please reply to this email or contact
    Customer Care at 1-888-565-9393.

    Thank You,
    palmOne Customer Care"

    {emphasis added]


    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    I'll go out on a limb and say you'll never see a Treo 600 compatible bluetooth card...ever. And wifi...never.

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    Based upon the following post from (, I'd have to say that a WiFi card for Treo600 is unlikely.

    However, the card we are all REALLY looking for is actually a 128MB or 256MB WiFi card. ;-)

    Since I use Sprint PCS (and PCS Vision), I'd rather have a 256MB Bluetooth card (I've never been a fan of IR beaming).

    -------WEBSITE TEXT FOLLOWS------

    Wednesday, December 10, 2003

    If you're waiting for a SanDisk SD WiFi card for Palm OS, keep on waiting

    Ever since I got a Handspring/palmOne Treo 600 to test, I've been pondering the possibilities of getting a WiFi card for it. The Treo 600 has an SDIO-compatible Secure Digital slot and could theoretically, accommodate a WiFi card.

    However, today SanDisk issued a statement saying it would be some time before the company would offer such a card. I haven't seen the statement on SanDisk's Web site, so I'm publishing much of it here.

    SanDisk's statement about an SD WiFi card

    "SanDisk's SD Wi-Fi card currently supports Pocket PC for Windows devices. SanDisk originally stated that it would provide free driver support for Palm OS (operating system) 4.1 and 5.X in the Fall of 2003. Due to a variety of technical and business issues, SanDisk has dropped its plans for Palm OS 4.x support and restated the availability of support for certain Palm OS 5.x drivers for Q1 2004....

    "SyChip Inc., the company that is primarily responsible for writing the drivers for SanDisk, has Palm OS 5.x drivers in Alpha stage and is working on a schedule to complete and deliver these drivers. In order to move forward, however, SyChip and PalmSource, the owner of Palm OS, must complete required legal documents before SyChip can continue its development of device-specific drivers.

    "This is a necessary step now that Palm Inc. has transitioned into separate companies (palmOne and PalmSource). Both companies are working towards this goal and expect to conclude this agreement imminently. If this occurs by early January, then SyChip can complete the development of the drivers for certain viable devices and SanDisk will release these drivers in Q1 2004...."

    Palm OS 4.1 Drivers

    "SanDisk and its development partner, SyChip, Inc., have invested a considerable amount of time and resources into developing Palm OS 4.1 drivers. With more than five million Palm devices that use this OS version, there is tremendous demand for an SD Wi-Fi card that supports this platform. Unfortunately, after reviewing Alpha stage software a number of issues became apparent and made further development unfeasible.

    "Challenges to developing Palm OS 4.1 drivers involve the hardware itself. The m500 series did not originally include network files and upgrading the hardware to add these requires technical expertise that is beyond what can be reasonably expected from most users. Furthermore, the processor itself is another hurdle. It is too slow to take advantage of Wi-Fi access speeds and results in performance that is near dial-up speeds.

    "Obviously, this would not be an acceptable outcome."

    Palm OS 5.x Drivers

    "A key issue of developing working SD Wi-Fi drivers is the way Palm (and now PalmSource) manages its OS. Hardware OEMs who license Palm OS are allowed to customize the operating system for their particular application. This often results in a growing number of proprietary, device-specific, Palm OS variations. Software driver developers are tasked with device specific development, which takes considerable time and resources.

    "SanDisk's development partner SyChip, has a beta version of its Palm OS 5.x driver in development that currently works on certain Palm Powered devices but must resolve two key issues before it can proceed. The first issue surrounds the rights to Palm OS IP for development of WiFi drivers. As mentioned, due to the transition of Palm Inc. into two separate companies, the negotiation and acquisition of these rights has not proceeded as quickly as SanDisk and SyChip anticipated.

    "SyChip has now reached an understanding with PalmSource for the rights and support required to develop Palm OS drivers but the Legal Agreement needs to be finalized and signed.

    "The second issue involves the electrical design of some Palm Powered devices such as the Treo 600. Since Wi-Fi capabilities were not an original design requirement for these devices, the majority of them use components with maximum power specifications below Wi-Fi needs. It is technically possible to use the SD Wi-Fi card but its usage may damage the device and void the warranty.

    "A number of handheld computer manufacturers have assured SanDisk that they will modify the designs of their SDIO devices to correct this problem...."

    [Update - 12-11-03] For more information...

    From an item in Glenn Fleishman's Wi-Fi Networking News Weblog I was pointed to an entry in about Palm OS versus Microsoft's Pocket PC OS (which does enable SD WiFi cards) and from there looked at an article in The Register.

    Tony Smith writes in The Register, "We're also surprise that SD IO implementations should vary so much between devices, since the interface is also a standard. The SD Card Association (SDCA) governs the compatibility between SD memory cards, and possibly IO specifications too.

    "SyChip is an executive member of the SDCA, so it should know what it's dealing with. SanDisk is an executive member too.

    "SD IO may not have been specified with Wi-Fi radio power requirements in mind, but we're surprised that if a broad array of PocketPC devices can sustain it that Palm OS-based machines can't. Why would so many Pocket PC makers boost the spec. on the off-chance someone might add a Wi-Fi card, while Palm device makers don't?"
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    These two website news articles are only 10 days apart, and yet they are in direct contradiction.

    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    I agree with the guy up there. A wi-fi card would be nice, but only slightly useful. I'd REALLY dig a bluetooth card.
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