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    Happy New Year!

    Is anyone using the Ultra II SD cards from SanDisk with their Treo 600?

    Any complaints?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    I've had an Ultra II for about a month--it's worked perfectly. It does pop out from time to time, but it's fast and works like a champ.
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    It is available from for about $20 less since you get free shipping from them:
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    I have a 512 MB SanDisk Ultra II card. I sanded the top down a bit so it does not pop out and very happy with it. Also it had better VFSMark results then any other cards I have seen so far.

    The Ultra II does make a difference in speed.

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    Yes, I usa an Ultra II 512mb Sandisk card. Check out the VFSMarks on the card below:

    VFSMark Results

    File Create: 460%
    File Delete: 341%
    File Write: 210%
    File Read: 165%
    File Seek: 380%
    DB Export: 223%
    DB Import: 401%
    Record Access: 326%
    Resource Access: 320%

    VFSMark: 314

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    I got my Sandisk Ultra II 256 card off ebay for 65$ and 6$ shipping. You can get 'em 73 bucks or so all time. I had a 128 mb blue standard sandisk, and the Ultra is just so much faster. A full Backupbuddy backup of 19 mb of treo ram takes under 3 minutes on Ultra II and nearly 10 minutes with the regular Sandisk. Wow.

    The Ultra II is worth it if you back up often enough. Also, with transfering a lot of mp3s to the card, it is also much, much faster than standard Sandisks. They (256 mb standard Sandisk cards) typically run 50-60$ on ebay or 65$ at or your local costco.

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