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    I downloaded Gizmo for the treo 600 and cant figure out where to get roms to download?

    I did a search on here and cant figure out where to go to get them.

    Thank you
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    Search on google for *.gg game gear rom.

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    Searched all the search engines. No luck other than columns and sonic

    All i get are pages that connect me to porn .

    Guess there are not many out there
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    Also try looking for Sega Master System SMS files

    You may have to check the shadier places on the net to find what you are looking for.. i.e. the same place you would go for music.. (that's all I will say about where {please do not contact me directly as I wont be able to tell you anything more than I have already done so here).. as for how many, I think the last time I counted them on the internet, there were over 500 of them... so they are infact out there.
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