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    Dear All,

    Suddenly i found my LCD light is not working, i can work on the screen using stylus this means that the screen itself is working fine but there is something wrong with the light i can't see or use any of my installed programs unless i'm exposing my device to direct light.. Help please..!!

    Tamer Bayomy
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    I had the same problem with my Treo 300. My display back light went bad after 13 +/-months. Root cause was damage to the flex film that has the 4 conductive lines to power the backlight. On both the T270 and 300 the flex film runs right next to a snap feature on both front and rear housings. There is very lttle clearance between the flim and the snaps. The snaps eventually mauled the film and caused an intermitant connection. I didn't drop my phone any more than standard use permits. HS could have done a better job on this design.

    You can try loosening the screws and re-tightening, but it sounds like you will need a new display module. If you are interested I can post photos of what my old display flex film looked like after Monday the 5th.

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    Thanks GG for your reply, kindly post the photos you are talking about..

    Tamer Bayomy
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    Here are a few images of my old T300 display module detailing damage to the flex film ,date should read 1-5-04.

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    Thanks GG,

    I'll open my device to check if this is the case or not..

    Tamer Bayomy

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