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    I've started to notice diagonal lines pulsing through solid color portions of programs, it happens at random it seems.

    I notice it most in the top bars of sprint vision sites in blazer and especially around the download file boxes in the snapper mail trial version I'm testing..the blazer lines show up when a key or the 5 way is pressed.

    Snapper mail was the first third party app I added to my 2 week old treo and I believe that is when I first saw the lines.

    Anyone else see this on their treo? Could it be snapper mail, or verichat or docs to go all trial versions. Those are the only 3rd party aps I have.

    I've also tried brightness and contrast and that doesn't seem to make a difference.

    So is my treo deffective? Anyone else see this?
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    I've seen them on the last couple of Treos I've had. I think it's normal when it's refreshing the screen.

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