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    I've beenlooking for a good blogging solution for the Treo 600 . Some folks recommended TextAmerica. But it looks like they take copyright control of everything you post on their site:
    From Textamerica Terms and Conditions:

    "12. All images and comments posted on, regardless of the source or content, immediately shall become the exclusive property of Liberation Management LLC. By posting images and text on, you are representing that you are the owner of such images/text and thereby assign to Liberation Management LLC any ownership interests you have in the images/text, including your copyrights. By posting images or comments on, you further agree that Liberation Management LLC shall have the right to use your images/text for any purpose without compensation to you and shall not be responsible to you for unauthorized copying of the images/text."
    This is from a post on BoingBoing. I don't like that idea - not that everything I write or photograph is valuable, but I want to control what I make.

    People on BoingBoing suggested some alternatives for having a moblog (mobile weblog) - places where you continue to own what you post.

    Fotki -
    TypePad -
    MFOP2 -
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    it's funny, that you're jah and i'm jahead. e-a-d.

    There's another solution, if you can get php/mysql hosting:

    Works great.

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    It's a bit picture-centric, but it's really cool.
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    That item was removed from our terms of service less than 24 hours after the boingboing "article" on the subject. So this thread (like many others that came from that "article" on boingboing) is missing the crucial fact of the situation!
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    Hey a quick question for the textamerica person:

    Do you guys have any new news on how/if/when Sprint might solve the issue with sending pics to TA blogs, via the 600's built-in camera app, and having those pics show just as generic 'camera phone image', rather than having the subject title come along with the image, like it used to - ?

    I know this isn't your issue, and I know you guys have had some talks or something with Sprint - I was just hoping to get any kind of update or any new news or something. I like TA, and I really like the way the 600 sends pics via the built-in app; I just don't like (now) having to go onto the TA website and edit each pic I send - that process kind of defeats the purpose (yes, I know there are other ways of sending in pictures, but I like the built-in sending app, and it used to work fine before Sprint changed their protocols or whatever).

    Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    From the Textamerica Terms and Conditions as of this evening:

    14. may use, sell and/or share with its affiliates any information provided by you on this website, including your name, e-mail address, usage patterns, and uploaded images and text.

    Do you Textamerica folks have some sort of publishing venture planned?

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    It is a slight improvement in that you still own them.
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    ... Except that they are allowed to sell it! This is really weird...
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    For my non-Treo pictures, I use
    From their Copyright FAQ
    "Does this license let Xanga turn my site into a book and sell it?

    No, absolutely not! As stated in the terms of use, Xanga waives its right to use this license to:

    Produce and sell reproductions of your Content directly to individual consumers (e.g. turn your site into a book and sell it on Amazon)
    Produce and sell derivative works based on your Content directly to individual consumers (e.g. write a book based on your site and sell it)
    Xanga cannot do these things unless we first ask and receive your permission to do so."

    The downside is that you need to pay to post via email and have them host your pictures. I host my pictures on my FTP server at home.
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    This reminds me of a joke that my Russian mother used to tell me when I was a kid. It goes something like this:

    Two guys are standing on a train platform. One of them is visibly upset and says to the other "Somebody just stole your suitcase containing all of your worldly possesions. Aren't you upset?" The second guy just winks and says "Don't worry... I have the suitcase key right here!"

    It would just be nice if the Textamerica business model included some compensation for their content providers, should they become profitable. Also, how about a "pay for the service" plan that includes an opt out of the ancillary usages Textamerica wants? I really don't need any more spam.

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    Insurance replacement Sprint Treo 755P ...
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    Might be better to just setup your own website to post to than give them the unlimited right to use, sell, etc.
    When the person from TA posted their response about the language being taken out I guess he/she forgot about the new text.

    I understand that they may need those rights, but why not make it well known rather than burying it in the terms?


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