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    i have 10.3 on my powerbook G4 and i would like to use the palm desktop for my treo 600 but it would not load up, so i called apple care and i also went to the apple store and they told me i need a lower version like 10.2 has anyone else run into the same problem? do i need to downgrade from 10.3 to 10.2?
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    That's not correct. I'm using it right now with a PowerBook G4 and 10.3.2. I've also used it with with 10.3 and 10.3.1 with no problems.

    I have heard that some have had problems getting the Palm software to install if they have previous installations of the Palm software. Remove the Palm folder in /Applications, remove the Hotsync folder in /Library/Application Support and remove any Palm related preferences in your ~/Library/Preferences folder. It should then install OK.
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    I installed Panther 10.3.2 last weekend and have had no problems continuing to sync my Treo just as I did before, on my iBook.

    I didn't have to uninstall and reinstall the Palm software as the writer above did, but he is right in that many who have had the problem have solved it that way.

    I have a hunch, no proof, that it has something to do with the iCal and/or iSync installers moving the Palm conduits out of the active conduits folder in order to replace them with Apple's conduits. If my theory is correct, that would explain why I didn't have any trouble when I upgraded to Panther, because I have never chosen to use those Apple installers or their conduits, as I don't use iCal and wanted to stick with Palm Desktop etc.


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