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    I have a phone system (digital recorder) that has the ability to send a page to a phone number when a voicemail is recieved. I would like those pages to go to my Treo... I once remember that you could go in the back door of the voicemail system and enter the pager feature (sending a phone #). Does anyone know how to do this?
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    I don't think that it works anymore. I used it for a long time on my 270 and it was great with my answering machine at home that was able to send a page and my voicemail at the office as well. coincidently when I got my 600 this stopped working!

    It was the area code and prefix of your cell phone # followed by 6789 (xxx-xxx-6789). Now I just get a recorded message:
    "Sorry we are not able to retrieve your messages at this time, goodbye".

    Let me know if you figure out a solution.

    Happy New Year!
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    That was the code.. They must have gotten wise... Hopefully someone may know a workaround...
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    Try (800) 856-6122
    73 de K3SLS
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    Cool.. Thanks... I wil ltry it with the voicemail system...
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    Very cool! It works.
    T750 w/Cingular
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    I need a little help. I am using bellsouth voice mail and would like a page sent to my phone when i have a message. Is this possible and how would i do it.

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