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    So I recently used a radioshack adaptor to convert between the 2.5mm and 3.5mm headphone jacks. Unfortunatly the tip of the radioshack adaptor broke off and got stuck in the phone causing all sorts of problems (luckily I had the sprint equitment replacement program).

    Just wanted to warn others that perhaps you want to use the handspring adaptor, especially as the radioshack adaptor doesn't fit particularly well either (the plastic housing prevents it from sitting right).
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    I have had no problems using a radioshack adapter. to make it fit correctly just trim off alittle bit of the black plastic housing. as for the tip breaking off, don't sit on it or toss it across the room.
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    No problems with my adapter. Trimmed a bit of plastic off, and it works great with my iRock.
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    Well maybe I got unlucky, all products sometimes screw up. I think if it was a Handspring adaptor that malfunctioned you might get a warranty replacement but I don't know.

    I too had no problems fitting after I trimmed off the plastic. However, I wasn't sure if maybe this let the adaptor wiggle ways it otherwise wouldn't and contributed to the breaking so I wasn't going to advise this solution.

    Apparently, as far as I can tell this happened when I was trying to put it in my coat pocket no sitting or throwing across the room. As only the very tip broke off I believe it was a defect in the product.

    If im the only one who this happened to it was probably just a random defect.
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    This happened to me with a radioshack type plug when I used a Libretto 5 years ago.

    Has only happened the one time - didnt bother fixing it tho, as I had a spare Libretto, and later upgraded to a Sony GT1.

    So far my Treos have been fine.
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    thanks for the warning; I think its something that is not that unlikely given the way it sticks probably can get weakened over time & then break suddenly w/o much force.
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    I have 3 of them (one for some earbuds, one for my iRock, and one for some little Sony speakers) and have had no problems.
    Love my Radio Shack adapters.
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    Thanks nrosser! Those of us who work hard at RadioShack, and get a little frustrated when "Don't help me! I know which adapter I'm looking for!" types like the ones who frequent this board come in , appreciate it. That's why I always try to find out what my customers are going to use that adapter for, because it is a little long and bottom heavy for the tiny metal plug to hold against much force.
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    got mine from

    cheap, well and nicely fit... been using it almost a week, love it!
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    I could definately see this happening.

    The Rat-Shack adaptor does hang out quite a bit.

    I got myself the handspring one off of ebay just to be safe.
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    I had the same problem with a Radio Shack adapter. The tip broke off after a few times of normal usage. I ended up having to take the back of my Treo 600 off to correct the problem. Be safe...order the adapter from palmone.
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    I had the same thing happen to me with the Radio Shack adapter. To be clear it was not the entire metal piece that broke off. It was just from the last black ring on to the end. It was like it wasn't soldered together very well and just kinda fell off. I noticed one day that I wasn't getting any sound through the headphones, and when I looked at the adapter, the metal was shorter then it was supposed to be. Then I noticed a rattling sound inside of the Treo. After I shook it a little, the tip of the adapter fell out.

    So that's at least three of us who have had this problem. Sounds liek more than a fluke occurence.

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    any one can report further on this? I just got 2 of them and wouldn't like to broke my treo 600 just to listen some mp3's. Thanks
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    mine just broke off the other day as well!!!
    just the tip!
    cheap radio shack stuff!

    started rattling inside the treo, causing lockup and having to hard reset

    finally bought a T6 torx screw driver, opened up the treo and took the annoying thing out
    no problems now (also did the buzz fix since the treo was already opened, even though i don't have buzzing)

    i bought another radioshack adapter (apparently they have upgraded to "nextech" or something adapters)

    then i LOST MY EARPHONES AND ADAPTER WHILE I WAS AT SCHOOL! seinheisers and adapters are gone now.....

    oh well, guess i have to spring for a nice pair of sony EX71....
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    Quale, I had the same EXACT problem with the adapter.

    First, I started losing audio in one of the ears. Then I couldn't hear anything in that ear.
    After I concluded that it was the adapter causing the problem, I started to inspect the adapter closer. As I did this, the tip fell off!! Luckily, I did not have it in the Treo at the time (very lucky).
    After that I told myself I would buy another model, but not from Radio Shack.

    Maybe I should have started this thread myself 3 months ago. Sorry all.

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