I was on a trip to NYC from Chicago this past week. T600 worked great until this morning.

Can't make calls. Similar to the network search problem except that I don't get that message. My bars would go up, then drop to zero, then the phone would go into roaming and finally drop the attempt to make a call.

Performed a hard reset with and without a subsequent restore from Backupman. No help.

Returned to Chicago...no luck. At home I'm in permanent roaming mode. Actually received a call in roaming from a wrong number!

Called Sprint and am now store bound.

Here's the SMS connection part. When I restored I tried the SMS app and it seems like it is configured to send SMS messages now (I don't get the typical Sprint message about native SMS not working).

Any chance an upgrade has been pushed to phones that might be fouling things up? Likely a hardware issue but thought I'd post this observation.

My wife's T300 worked fine in the same places described above.

Anyone else experience the same behavior? Thanks!