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    I know this has been discussed before, but none of the other postings have helped me.

    I'm using T-Mobile in New York City on a Treo 180. I just called T-Mobile and got them to add free WAP service, which now shows up under "My Plan and Services." I have the basic NW plan for $19.99, plus 500 SMS/25 Voice Min for another $5.

    I configured my Network as:
    Service: T-Zones (I changed this from a random name I first used)
    Connection: GPRS
    User Name: Tap to enter name
    Password: Unassigned (I also tried putting in a space, which made it assigned).
    The fallback is none, Automatic IP address and Query DNS are checked.

    When I press Connect, I still eventually get "Error: Incomplete setup. Check phone number & username (0x121A)." I installed Eudora with the same result.

    Any advice? Is there anybody in NYC using T-Mobile on a 180 for free Internet via WAP?
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