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    im only in the states for a couple of weeks. while here i was hoping to upgrade my 270 (t-mobile) to a 600. i missed the cingular deal - would have done it if i had realized that they were not going to require that i have a cingular account.

    so, i have tried to get an oem version for the $399 price, and have been refused. the t-mobile service rep said he hoped they 600s would be available to normal people by the end of jan, which is too late for me. so i decided, screw it - ill buy one from

    placed my order dec 23, and the site said that the phone is usually delivered in 1-2 weeks, so i realize that i am perhaps being over-anxious, but i was wondering if anyone else out there had placed an order, and how long it took to get to them. if it is not going to get here on time, im going to just cancel it.


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    don't trust
    I bought an item before Thanksgiving and they immediately backordered it like they have done to you. I cancelled it after it was on backorder and within their terms. They then waited two days contrary to their written one day policy and shipped the item anyways. I got an RMA from them before getting the item by several days. They then, without any notice, charged me the freight out to me and then back to them. It was clearly their backorder that caused the problem and they intentionally shipped after notice of cancellation. Then they shafted me. Total was about $50 bucks for their shenanigans. So if you cancel their backorder, be sure that they have stopped the shipment.

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    i placed an order recently too. I was wondering if you got yours yet, or what the status is.

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