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    Sometimes my SD card accidentally ejects when I put the phone in my pocket. Any cures for this ill? I was thinking of filing a bit off the end of the card in hope that a lower profile would keep it from ejecting as readily. I don't know what the card looks like inside, but even with .5mm of plastic removed from the end would make it stay in I expect. But, I don't want to ruin the card in the process! Its a Sandisk SD card.

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    This has been discussed ad nauseum.

    Please do a search of the boards before posting!
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    Oops, I did search but I guess used the wrong keywords. I found some posts this time.

    Anyway, has anyone tired the filing down trick? I saw it proposed in another post but no response. I will try it myself and post the results if I don't hear anything positive or negative on it.


    Gotta figure out the search better.. using wildcards I pulled up a couple more threads. One guy had partial luck with filing. I have started filing my card down and will be chipping away at it until hopefully it works OK.

    <<Last EDIT>>

    Problem solved! I left about .5mm of the card out, and random pushes on the top of the phone will not eject it. None of the innerds of the card appeared while filing down, so it should be safe.

    Here is the best thread I found on the topic:

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    You still aren't searching very effectively if you didn't evidence of people trying the sandpaper.

    Sandpaper Thread

    Lots of people tried it; so many that when I filed down my SD card successfully I didn't bother to report it. I was a bit more aggressive than some and it never pops out accidentally. I also used an electric sander (B&D Mouse) and a somewhat laborious process of

    cleaning ,
    judging where it needed more sanding,
    then repeat

    This was useful because the top of the treo slopes toward the back of the device.

    The card (Panasonic 512) was unaffected.
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    I took my 512 meg Kingston card and sanded it on my drum sander in my shop. I sanded it down and noticed some silvery black grit and smoke coming out of it. When I put it in my Treo 600 it did not work right.

    Will my warranty cover this ?
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    Will my warranty cover this ?
    I seriously doubt it. Did it mess up your Treo or just the card?
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    Loki, it sounds like you hosed your card. As the thread I quoted above points out, any messing with the card will surely end the warranty.

    I wouldn't recommend using any mechanical sander because of the odds of taking off too much. I used the file on my little pocket knife and it worked fine. A piece of fine sandpaper on a block of wood will also work well. Also I'd not file it down flush since you don't need to take that much off. The less you take off, the greater the odds that you will only be filing plastic, not the card. My card is sticking out a bit and I've still not had one accidental ejection.

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    sanding works gr8 but for some reason I still randomly had to reseat he card so the phone would detect the card. This was a pain so I took a piece of write rite and taped over the slot...problem solved , this wotks better than scotch and leaves very little residue when removed.
    by the way I previously tried the scoth tape around-the-card-method. *** the tape came loose while inserted!! there was no way to remive the sd card -stuck- but thanks to the Swiss and their army knife this gave me the Only tool thin enough to remove the sd card
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! LOL !!! I was just kidding. I did not grind it down on a drum sander !!!!!!!!

    That would be silly !!!! LOL !!!!

    Actually I used an Emery board and carefully sanded and sculpted it down to match the top profile. I left just a little bit stick up so I can get a finger nail on it to eject it.

    I used the finer side of the Emery Board to polish it up.

    Thanks for reading and see you out there.

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    I wasn't too happy with the clarity of my 600's screen so I took some 80 grit to it. Unfortunately, sandpaper appears to make the screen look worse. Is the use of sandpaper against the screen covered by my warranty?
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    I just used duct tape.
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    just buy a form fitting leather case - about $10 on ebay (dan's cellular accessories). it's a great little case with clear on the front (very useable when in the case) and there is a strap over the top that covers the SD card. Has a thingy on the back to use with the includes belt clip and I bought a slot for $3 that sticks to my car for instant handfree car kit! It's low profile enough that it is still comfortable in my pocket...

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