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    on my laptop, I have Outlook setup with 2 profiles: one for Work and one for Personal contacts and calendar. This works fine in Outlook: when I launch Outlook, I select the profile I want to use and see the relevant info.

    I would like to synch everything to my Treo, but it is not working very well so far.
    Chapura tries to synch with the Outlook profile of the current Outlook session. If Outlook is not open, it asks which profile I want to synch with. If I select a different profile than last time, I get an alert that this may create duplicates.

    Is there a solution to avoid duplicates? I noticed that, for a few days, the process did not create duplicates, but all of a sudden it started creating duplicates (note that I do not care 'synching' my Work and Perso calendar in the process - i.e. having my Work and Perso appointments in both Outlook profiles - but I just want to avoid seeing the same appointment duplicated several times in one of the Outlook profile, which happens).

    I have aheard of, but they do not operate anymore.

    Is there a solution?

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    Checkout some of these other solutons:

    Notwired for palm
    Chaos Sync
    Intellisync by Pumatech

    Also, checkout Good Tech for wireless sync options....
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