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    I don't know if all my mods and hacked removed this feature, but should my t600 show the current time when I'm on a phone call?

    I swear I used to be able to with my t300.

    For example, if I'm leaving someone a voicemail and want to say the time I called, I have to hit the "phone" button to jump to my favorites screen to see the time. Then I have to go back to the regular phone application to hang up the call. It's a bit annoying.

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    for ClockPop5. Very nice utility.
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    OR, just push your phone button again and the phone 'home' screen displays for about 10 seconds with your current time...
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    Tks for the tip. Although it would be better if the time was on the screen with the call, your tip does help.

    Good Luck

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