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    I have a UK Orange GSM Treo 600 with hardware version A.

    Was suprised to read on this discussion forum that there are GSM Treo 600s with hardware B!

    Is there an early (A) and a later generation version (B) of the hardware for GSM Treo 600s?

    The inconstent behaviour of the GSM (A) version (even after I got the 2.08 firmware update) is driving me craZY -> callers get transmission buzz, callers get answer machine while connected= PROBLEMS FOR CALLERS.

    How do I get to try out version B?
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    I have a GSM Treo 600 with Firmware 2.02; Hardware B; and Treo Software 1.06.

    Every once in a while I get a 5 second fax tone noise when I answer the phone.

    I can't reproduce the problem either.

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