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    hi...I have a wmv file that I would like to put on my Kinoma, but the Kinoma Producer doesn't pick it up when I search for that file...can you only put mpegs on Kinoma? if so, does anyone know how I can convert them? Is there a program for that...appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    Kinoma only plays media files formated to its proprietary format. You need the Kinoma Producer in order to format files for Kinoma. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $are$ $no$ $players$ $that$ $support$ $WMV$ $file$ $on$ $PalmOS$ $partly$ $b$/$c$ $of$ $the$ $exhorbitant$ $lisencing$ $costs$ $M$$ $charges$ $for$ $non$-$windoze$ $platforms$ ($something$ $liek$ $$10$,$000$). $This$ $would$ $make$ $it$ $highly$ $difficult$ $for$ $third$ $party$ $devs$ $to$ $create$ $a$ $profitable$ $product$. $Another$ $option$ $is$ $to$ $use$ MMplayer which supports mative mpeg, divx formats. Search the forums as there are many threads on this topic...
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