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    My company recently announced a mobile email solution. I recently purchased a Treo 600 and Tmobile just added unlimited access to my account for no extra charge. So this new device is working our real well.

    I have been looking around at a few palm based POP3 email client software apps and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. A requirement is that APOP authentication will need to be supported. Treo mail does not seem to be working but I have been able to use Snapper Mail effectively. I plan to purchase Snapper mail after the trial expires, but just wanted to see if there were any other notables out there.
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    I can't recommend it as I've never used it but I just got an email saying that Iambic Mail was available from Palmsource.
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Snappermail along with Chatter are an awesome combination.

    Chatter for instant notification even with the screen off; and Snapper, has been very easy to use with multiple accounts.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.

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