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    I just started a job in outside sales so although up till now my 6 has been a toy now I am gonna put it to use. I need to be able to keep track of my sales (customer name, address, phone#, date, commision, etc...). word docs, excell, and anything you guys think would be usefull (from your exp.). I am prob. gonna get a couple of card (personal and business) but does anyone think anyone would ever need 2 512's or would 2 256's be more then enough? or some combo. I am sure these Q's are dumb 2 some but I ain't be 2 CoMPuTer LitERAte. kinda learning on the fly. thanks for any and all help. peace
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    256 Mb is a whole heckuva lot of data, if you're mainly doing Word/Excel type of stuff. Unless you're also putting video/music on the card, the 256 cards would probably do it, I'd imagine.
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    You might want to take a look at Agendus from Iambic. You can track phone calls to contacts with it (i.e. if I record my voice messages in my to do list, it appends the date, time and note to the contact when i return the call.
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    thanx for the reply guys! I thought I would get a bunch but hey!!! whatever!! anyone else in sales have a recomendation??

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