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    OK, I have no sound on most of my programs on my treo 600. The only one that always has sound is the game ZAP!2016. Funny but it does not bother me that much MOST of the time but I wanna put a mp3 player on it and I don't know if it will work right. I had some programs on my i330 that came up "incompatible" when I first got my 600 and synced it (like think db and some games). I put think db on anyway cause I used it alot and it woked fine anyway. I took off anything I thought could be a prob but the sounds still out. I took think db out and still no sound on most programs. sound comes back and will work for a min or so after a reset but then I loose it again. any help??? if someone knows something I could list what I have on my 600 now or maybe it is a simple prob. If not, well back 2 bestbuy for yet another!
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    what? am I the only one that has ever had this prob.?
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    I think you have the same problem as the one mentioned in the readme file of Bob's alarm:

    From the readme.txt that comes with BobsAlarm:

    9. TREO 600 USERS---------------------------------------------------------
    There is a bug in the Treo600 that prevents simple sounds from being played correctly. Eventually, ALL simple sounds will not play on the device until a soft reset has been completed. The "Bob's tones" sounds are simple sounds, and are not recommended for Treo600 users. Use the MIDI tones option instead.

    This is a common problem, and you will notice simple sounds stop working with any application after a while

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    any way 2 fix???? my sound is fine for a min or 2 after a reset but then it is out again. is it a prob with a program or sum-tin else?? I can list ALL prog's I have if it can help. my real prob is I wanna get a mp3 and I wanna make sure it will work.
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    My understanding is that it is a problem in the firmware, so I guess it can get fixed only by a new release of the firmware by palm/HS ...
    I have the same problem (not that it matters in that case, but still...) when playing the game 'Atum' that was given for free by Palmone when registering the Treo: after a few minutes of playing Atum, there are no more sounds.

    I'd love to find a solution to this problem ... ideas?
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    Originally posted by hetyey225
    any way 2 fix???? my sound is fine for a min or 2 after a reset but then it is out again. is it a prob with a program or sum-tin else?? I can list ALL prog's I have if it can help. my real prob is I wanna get a mp3 and I wanna make sure it will work.
    Did you check your Pref/General /System Sound that it is not in OFF position? Also maybe your phone is on Vibrate mode?

    Or do you mean you have no sound in your phone at all?

    At any rate if your speakerphone works, your MP3 player should work when you get the Pocket Tunes installed.
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    this is not the case, and I am glad for you you haven't had this problem yet.

    My understanding is that the sound on treo works somehow like sounds on PC: there are 2 types of sounds generated by different systems:
    - the 'simplke sounds': mainly beeps at different frequencies, also called FX sounds
    - the 'music sounds': these are the ones used by MP3 or MIDI files / players.

    The sound problem on Treo 600 is for simple sounds. So, also the music sounds work well, the simple sounds fail after ~2 minutes of usage. As such, MP3 played with Pocket Tunes work very well. But simple sounds generated by some games or some Alarm Clocks do not (that's why some alarm clock programs strongly suggest to only use music sounds - like the MIDI files used for polyphonic ringtones - and not simple sounds)

    And of course this happens while the phone has not been muted!!

    Any other ideas / suggestions?
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    Sounds like a bug that will hopefully be corrected by Palm in future software/firmware upgrades. They may try to blame the game software, but if it is a Treo problem and they don't fix it, they may soon find themselves faced with a class-action suit. I LOVE my Treo, but I didn't pay $599 to get a Palm where the game sounds cut out after less than two minutes. I find it hard to believe that they were not AWARE of this bug during testing.....
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    It looks like some of the software authors are fining ways to get around the bug. The current version of Bob's alarm (2.02) has been optomized for the Treo 600 and has overcome the technical sound glitch of the T600.

    Bob's Alarm author interaction site

    Bob's Alarm 2.02 Zip

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    Definitely the Treo has a problem. Thanks for the suggestion of the reset, that did the trick. My Treo thankfully has not developed the problem, but my colleague's did stop producing all simple sounds (including alarms from the calendar). The soft reset restored it. We've also switched his Bob's Alarm sounds to the MIDI sounds.

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    I have a similar problem but much worse. At some point today, my beloved Treo 600 GSM stopped making any sounds at all -- no rings, no dial tones, no app sounds, nothing. I have tried soft reset, system reset, and a hard reset. They haven't helped one bit.

    But it gets even weirder -- the sound goes back to normal the moment I put the headphone back in.

    In other words, the sound now only works when the headphone is in. I no longer have the use of sound w/o a headset.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

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