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    When I send an email from my Treo600 with the Handspring mail client, using either the account or my RoadRunner, I get a bunch of garbage in the From feild if I CC myself or send to myself.

    In the from feild, before it shows the acctuall adress, it pus something like "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Matt=20Burkhard.......

    I don't see it on the other accounts that I send too, just the one on the Treo. Wonder if it's from it being send from itself per se?

    TIA, Matt
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    Well, after messing around with the app and testing emails, I think I may know what is up. I use to have "Matt Burkhard (home)" in the "full name" feild under the "name" tab in the account settings. I got rid of the "( )" and it's fine now. I guess "(" is some sort of code or language or something? I guess the T600 doesn't like to receive that. AS I said, if I sent it to my home, and I checked the account with my Treo, I wold see the "=?ISO..." and then if I looked at it from my home PC, it was fine. So my home PC had no issue with it, just the Treo (and anyohter device that has an issue with "()"

    Any code guru's out there know what the parentheis?

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    Well, for those two people on this earth that care (me being one ...LOL )
    I replaced the "Matt Burkhard (home)" with
    "Matt Burkhard-Home" and everything is just peachy!!

    Home this is helpful to someone

    yea,yea...I know... THANKS FOR SHARING

    WOuld still like an answer from a Guru on why the parentheis jack with the Treo.
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    ( are used by mime to indicate that the following text is a "comment". the iso stuff is what MIME uses to represent characters out side of the ascii character set. What I am guessing is happening is that the Treo Mail program is not encoding the ( when the occur which then causes the decoding to break. This is pretty nifty. I will have to look into it some more later to verify that is what actually is happening.
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    Cool, Thanks for the explaination. I am fix'n to go to the lake for the anual New Years day run (yes it's cold ) and have a neat tid bit about what I found yesterday when beaming memos from the T600 to a PC. Kinda along the same lines...

    Thanks, Matt

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