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    There have been lots of posts here regarding Dan's products and services - mostly good, some bad - so I figured I'd share my experience with him.

    I wanted several items (a couple of cradles, keyboard, a handful of cables etc) and I really hate ebay, so I wrote him directly (they never answer the phone) listing the items I wanted and asking for a total price including shipping.

    Within hours I had a price. I paypaled him the funds (putting a copy of our email in the remarks section) on 12/22. The stuff arrived yesterday (12/29) with everything I ordered. All the products are OEM but are bulk packaged (ie, they come in plastic baggies instead of retail packaging) and are clearly new.

    The only downside was that there was no packing slip or anything in the box, making me dig out my paypal receipt to verify what I had gotten.

    In short, he might not be the most communicative guy in the business but he ships the right product at the right time (ordered on 12/22, shipped 12/26) at a great price. We often blast the dealers for not providing a service or product but rarely recognize the good ones in the business - he seems to be one of the good ones.

    And no, I have no connection with him.......

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    I got to agree. Dan is ACES! He allowed me to return an item I had ordered due to my ignorance. He will ALWAYS get first crack at my business!
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    I agree as well. Great products at a great price. And prompt shipping. You don't get all the fancy manufacturer packaging and stuff, but who cares, cause you throw that stuff out anyways.

    I just bought a car charger, cradle, and case combo deal for my Treo 600 for only $34 from him on Ebay! Can't beat that anywhere!
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    I concur. I bought 2 keyboards, 5 cradles, 1 car adapter all from Dan. Great prices, I mean car adapter is $11 vs. $30 from handspring. Cradles were $13 instead of $30 and the keyboard which is awesome was $70 instead of $100 (would have liked a better deal, but hey I saved cash).

    All brand new, in bags or in the case of the keyboard in a box, just no handspring packaging. The keyboard and charger all say TREO on them and look like they are the original.

    And to top it all off, he shipped my stuff to 3 different addresses as some of these items needed to be shipped directly for christmas gifts and I had ordered them late. My friends got them on Christmas eve. I though got mine on the 27th. All in all good experience and above all great price.
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    I bought my first Handspring form fitting case from Dan. Price was great, communication was excellent and shipping was very fast. I highly recommend him.
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    I've bought several items from him and recommend him.
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