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    I'm currently waiting for my second replacement unit from Handspring. My 600 "goes dark" every few days. I haven't noticed a pattern or an application that appears to be triggering this problem.
    When I say it goes dark, I mean it turns itself off, hard resets and can only be turned back on when attached to the charger. On some occasions, even though it had at least a 50% charge before going dark, once reactivated by connecting to the charger, disconnecting it immediately causes a message to be displayed saying it has no charge at all.
    That being said, it fully charges in about an hour.
    Handspring indicated to me that this is the last unit they'll send me for this particular problem. They say that this is being caused by some application I've got loaded. Unfortunately, I've got many dozens of apps loaded.
    So, I started to look at what I actually have loaded, concentrating on stuff that's running "in the background". I happened upon Update_3_1_1.PRC. I think this is an OS update that I applied to my Treo 180 a long time ago that keeps getting restored when I do a hotsync. When I look at the version info in the desktop it indicates I have Palm OS version 3.1.1, even though I know I have 5.x. So, I'm thinking that maybe this OS "patch" might be the root of my problem.

    I deleted Update_3_1_1.prc from my BackupBuddy backup, hard reset and restored. My OS version now says "Palm OS software v.5.2.1", as I would expect it to.

    Does anyone else have this prc loaded on their 600, and if so, are you observing similar behavior?
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    got similar problem, when following the instructions for migration from old palm (mine was PalmV).

    The migration didn't pickup the Update3.5.3...

    will follow your instructions to remove it.


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