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    I have the HS mail client set to get maIl every 15 minutes on my Sprint T600. It's been working great until a few days ago. Anyone else with this prob?
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    Yes, I had to go back to the "preferences" menu in the app to re-do it. Don't know why...
    This has happend about 3 times since I started using the app several months back.
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    I have the same problem. I want it to check mail every two hours so this is how I set it up in the Preferences menu. It works OK for awhile. But the settings don't stay set. After not getting any mail, I'll re-check the preferences and they have reverted to "get mail manually". This has got to be a bug in the software. I should try and get this information to Handspring.

    Another problem occurs when downloading mail from the Cox Webmail server, sometimes it just hangs in the "receiving mail" mode. The only way to get out of it is to do a reset. This only happens with Cox, I don't have a problem with Yahoo or with my company's Outlook Exchange server. Can anyone else relate to this problem?


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